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Servidor Aion 5.1


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Boa noite, pessoal.

Como encontro pouco material sobre Aion, e é da NCSoft também, resolvi compartilhar com vocês, caso queiram testar esse server. Todos os créditos vão para a Mobius. Eu lembro que antigamente aqui no LJBrasil tinha uma aba sobre Aion, não sei o que aconteceu. Enfim, espero que aproveitem. JDK 8.


Mobius AionEmu

GitHUb Link: https://github.com/MobiusDevelopment/Mobius_AionEmu

Client (5.1): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bxuw91EoqaKPYU1JN2x5RjQzbTg
Launcher: https://github.com/MobiusDevelopment/AionLauncher/releases/tag/1.0
Geodata: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qifx1tdcp309l0k/geo_aion_5.1.zip




  • Added Eclipse settings.
  • Use Ant build for compiling.
  • Use Java 8.
  • All separate projects merged as one project.
  • Commons jar replaced with sources and merged with the project.
  • Fixed problems that made the server unable to start.
  • Added missing database tables.
  • Replaced Base64 class with Java 8 import/version.
  • Fixed package path on many classes.
  • Code format/cleanup.
  • Removed obsolete chat server.
  • Enabling events by simple date change.
  • Added config for bonus service buffs.
  • Addition of eclipse launcher files.
  • Fixed fly and teleport issues.
  • Updated libraries to latest revisions.
  • Fixed all code warnings.



  • Siege boss listeners initialization?





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Faça Jesus feliz, não pague dízimo. 🤑


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