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WotLK Classic New Player Q&A

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Hello guys, is it your first time joining WotLK Classic? Here are some questions and answers you may be interested in. 

1. If I make a character on Classic now and when WotLK Classic comes out do I need to make a new char to play on WotLK or will the same char work? I don't know if WotLK is just a huge update or if it will be new servers + new characters.

If you want to play Wotlk then make a character on one of the Wotlk servers. They're all available now.

2. How is the PVP looking in WotLK? I love both PVE and PVP but I'm more into PVP that's why I'm asking how is the PVP in the open world etc.

Battlegrounds, and arenas are all good. Lots of people playing. WPvP depends a lot on the server you pick. Most of them are Mono faction and some of the few balanced PvP servers are locked so your choices are very limited. And you should buy some Gold first.

3. As a Rogue class will it be hard to find dungeons? I would imagine most people want to have AOE damage classes in their raids.

Yes, Rogues are just fine for dungeons. There are groups that will want aoe damage but you'll still find others who will take you.


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