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  1. L2JFrozen 1004 FLAMES OF INVENCIBILITY Attack other roles will be canceled FLAMES OF INVENCIBILITY, alguem sabe como arrumar ?
  2. It would appear, is VIP and regular players of the team can only be ordinary players Rate Party XP Members are VIP members can feel the VIP Rate Party XP You can help write a examples? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone! I was new, from the Chinese, English may be not very good, please forgive me! My question is: When team members want, 1. Ordinary roles and Vip team member roles, it becomes regular troops RatePartyXp and RatePartySp; 2.Vip role and the role Vip team members, only VIP contingent rate VipPartyXp and VipPartySp; Using L2JFrozen 1004 How and set up? We are pleased to l2jbrasil Ask you, thank you! :humm:
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