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    2. Tutoriais

      Encontre aqui tutoriais para montar seu servidor de lineage, tutoriais desde os mais básicos até os mais avançados sobre edição, criação e etc.

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    4. Lucera - Interlude, Classic e Legacy

      Discover one of the best revisions currently used for Lineage 2 Java Interlude, Classic servers. and its Legacy version which has Essence functions but with Interlude gameplay.
      Interested in purchasing a license? Get in touch with Lucera's official partner in Brazil.
      Whatsapp: (83) 99690-5146, Email: [email protected] or PM to Kelvin.

    5. Sites

      Encontre sites pré-configurados, scripts, programas para edição e etc.

    6. Download

      Encontre aqui Armas, Armaduras, items e muito mais para dar aquele toque especial ao seu servidor.

    7. Java MODs

      Encontre aqui os melhores mods para o seu servidor.

    8. Desenvolvimento

      Discuta projetos, encontre usuarios com as mesmas ideias, desenvolva o que tem em mente e discuta nessa area.

    9. Recruitment

      Precisa de uma equipe ou de alguém para lhe ajudar? Procure um ou vários sócios aqui e forme a staff de seu servidor!

    10. Artes

      Peça uma arte! Confira obras artísticas que membros produziram e compartilharam conosco. Você também irá encontrar conteúdos e ferramentas de design para download!

    11. Conteúdo Offline

      Área onde se encontra todos os tópicos com links ou imagens offline aguardando a recuperação.
      Você pode contribuir! Basta comentar no tópico com um link online do conteúdo.

  2. Lineage 2 For Players

    1. Lineage 2

      Lineage II, is an MMORPG developed by NCsoft, and published on October 1, 2003 in South Korea. It was well known for being the succession of Lineage: "The Sacred Destiny" published on February 12, 2000, created by ASCII, today owned by NCsoft.

    2. Lineage 2 Classic

      Lineage II Classic is a reboot of the Lineage II franchise, different from the live one, it is a version directed to the group game and not solo-play, it has the same graphics of the most recent version, but with nostalgic gameplay adapted in the best way of lineage2 among the initial versions.

  3. L2JBR Labs

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    2. Tecnologia & PC

      Local para discutir todo tipo de tecnologia relacionada a jogos, computadores, inovações, reviews, etc.

    3. MMORPG

      Tópicos sobre MMORPG que não possuem área específica, podem ser criados aqui para debate.

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    1. Geral

      Matters not dealt with by other forums enter here.

  5. Choice of administrators

    1. L2JCenter Hosting & Internet Solutions

      Dedicados, Cloud, Hospedagem, Domínios e Suporte à L2J. Entre em contato através de nosso site.

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    3. Atualstudio Web Development   (39727 visits to this link)

      Founded in 2010, we operate in the website development, systems, apps and design segments.
      E-mail: [email protected] · Whatsapp: +55 77 99977-9727 · Instagram · Facebook · More

    4. Divulgação Lineage II Facebook (Beta)   (43404 visits to this link)

      Divulgue seu servidor ou encontre um servidor para jogar no grupo oficial para divulgação no facebook.

  6. Administração

    1. Administração

      Você é um visitante e não consegue acessar o fórum? Ou é um membro já cadastrado e está com problemas? Aqui é o lugar certo para comunicar-se com a equipe L2JBrasil, para agradecer, sugerir, reportar problemas entre outros.

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    1. Conteúdos Recuperados

      Área destinada a conteúdos que foram recuperados os links/imagens.


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    • Boa Noite Galera o @Mr.Kadu postou o link do projeto mas eu fiz um erro e estarei postando a correção. aqueles que baixou o projeto e tentou ligar e deu erro e por causa do java que foi copilado eu copilei no java 22 e o projeto e no java 17 vou postar o link aqui para vcs, vai incluso a Geodata   This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up        
    • como voce resolveu amigo ajuda ai to com o msms problema
    • Sim, na aCis os NPCs são configuráveis em XML, desde status, skills, drop, etc. A config acima é uma maneira mais rápida de adicionar farm nos mobs, até mesmo sem precisar de restart.
    • Grand Opening May 17th Rates EXP/SP x50 Adena x50 Spoil x5 Seal Stones x5 Quest x5 Augmentation Skill and Glow chance are retail. Active and passive skills has the same status. Active skills increased time to 20 minutes. Buffs Time 120 minutes. 24 slots, +4 divine inspiration. (need learn) Pets does not lose buffs with noblesse. Clan & Alliance Clan penalties disabled. Alliance only 1 clan - for large crest. Max. 18 members in Raidboss and Siege zones. Castle Sieges Sieges every 2 weeks. Siege duration 60 minutes. Only 1 castle available for sieges. Enchant Weapons from +0 to +3: 100% from +3 to +16: 70% (decreasing 4% each level) Armors from +0 to +3: 100% from +3 to +10: 50% (decreasing 4% each level) Blessed enchant on failure returns the item +3. Events Capture the Flag - Every day at 12:30 and 18:30. Crazy Rates - On weekends, full time. Death Match - Every day at 14:30 and 20:30. Kill the Boss - Every day at 21:30. Party Farm - On weekends at 16:00. Team vs Team - Every day at 16:30 and 22:30. Treasure Hunt - On Sundays, from 14:00 to 14:30. Olympiads Ends on Mondays. Battle period: 20:00-00:00. Start battles: 5 registered players. No class-based battles. Tie does not lose points. Hero skills are retail. Special NPCS Buffer: All buffs, including schemes. Class Master: 1st, 2nd and 3rd class free. Exchange Manager: Exclusive exchange system. General Manager: Shop, donation, services, functions, server infos... Global Gatekeeper: Teleport to all kingdoms and areas, free. Siege Manager: Contains info for all castles. Wedding Manager: Formal wear and adena required to get married. Soul Crystals Stages from 7 to 12 selling at luxury shop by cristals. (retail) Stage 13 Anakazel and Ember: chance 15%. Antharas, Frintezza and Valakas: chance 100%. Subclass & Noblesse Subclass free. (no quest) Add subclass at all Village Master. Max. 5 subclasses. Noblesse quest. (retail) Voice Commands .menu - main features including auto farm & potion. .help - contains all available commands.   Additional Features Auto loot. Auto learn skills. Inventory slots 150. Seven Signs open 24/7. Shout/Trade chat delay 10s. Hero chat delay 30s. Chat filter - for illegal words. Offline shop. Shift + click on monsters to see the droplist. Spawn protection by 30 seconds. Max. 3 sessions per pc. Automatic restart at 07:00. Raid Bosses Common Raids: 18h + 6h random. Barakiel: 6h. (no random) Tyrannosaurus: 5 minutes. Raids listed on the site/npc have improved stats and drops. Sailren: Monday at 21:00. (individual teleport and locked after boss spawn) Queen Ant: Monday at 22:00. Core: Tuesday at 21:00. Orfen: Tuesday at 22:00. Dr. Chaos: Wednesday at 21:00. Zaken: Wednesday at 22:00. (door opens 00:00 game time and when boss is spawned) Andreas van Halter: Thursday at 21:00. Frintezza: Thursday at 21:00. (random +/- 15 minutes. Need CC, min.2/max.5 parties) Anais: Friday at 21:00. Baium: Friday at 22:00. (random +/- 15 minutes) Antharas: Saturday at 21:00. Valakas: Sunday at 21:00. All Epics are in PvP area and will be dead at server launch. Changes Bishop level 40 has Noblesse Blessing skill. All debuffs with time greater than 30s have been reduced to 30s. All cancel skills remove buffs for 10 seconds. Cancellation increased reuse time x5 and chance to 100. Deflect Arrow increased power from 40 to 60. Mirage reduced time from 60s to 30s. Dodge increased the time from 5s to 15s, reuse time x2. Counterattack increased the time from 5s to 15s, reuse time x2. Touch of Death increased chance from 80 to 100. Arrest range increased from 150 to 600. (like shackle) Stun/Shock effect time reduced to 5 seconds. FOI works like in GF. (removed on any action except movement) Major Arcana Set 15% cast speed, 2% m.atk. instead of 17% m.atk. Imperial Staff adds Acumen instead of Empower. Removed fear skills from Antharas and Valakas. Removed teleport skills from Zaken.  
    • Send me a message on discord and I'll help you ADD @jisjose
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