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  1. PlayINERA x18[Mid] [Epilogue]

    Reminder we go live in 19 hours! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thank you for everything! See you on live! 5:00 PM // 17:00 GMT+2
  2. PlayINERA x18[Mid] [Epilogue]

    Quick update! This will be the premium account: MINOR PERKS Extra Weight: 15000 Extra slots for inventory and warehouse +15 Full slots for buy/sell shop can sell full sets. (5 slots total) Movement speed in towns: 250 for convenience (moving faster is always better) Mana regeneration in towns +50% in town only. (useful for selling buffs/crafting) 5 global shouts daily, using the = command. (5 shouts total instead of 1 shout) Premium user can change title without clans. (a convenience feature for prems) Beauty shop discount 30% on all items while you retain premium. Buy them all! Has unlimited color changes from service station activated. Premium record on rankings becomes available for player. Player receives unlimited soes, does not need to buy them. (convenience feat). MAJOR PERKS Premium users get access to the custom damage meter, on-screen damage. Premium users get 12 fame every hour they are online, stack fame early on! Premium users get 2x the epaullete drops from fortresses. Farm GCM easier. Premium users get 50% spoil amount as a multiplier. Premium users do not have to use blood stones for the premium buffs.
  3. PlayINERA x18[Mid] [Epilogue]

    Thank you my friend!
  4. PlayINERA x18[Mid] [Epilogue]

    Website: Collect Blood Stones, like medals, buy things, make life easy, cannot be stashed, traded or sold. Level up the server, it has 10 stages. Donate stones to temple, get rewards, unlock content. Kill your enemy, steal some of his blood stones. You can hunt players and make progress that way. We built a brand new event engine (PIE). Twelve new events, never before seen, caution: they are fun! Raids drop clan reputation boxes, use them, sell them, leverage them, everyone needs reputation. We coded the retail meter into Epilogue to better help you track your damage amidst fighting. Buy stuff using your stones, items can be cheap, or not. Donate stones or spend them. This is our beautiful voiced Promo September 30th