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  1. smokey

    [Epilogue] Projeto His Collection

    ============================================================================================= Lineage ][ Freeze & Fearless server Dev.s from collection! Rev From His Collection v2.9 (His Collection will updating SmokeY) In this version have errors thats normal, becous this is start from His Collection and in next His Collecection v3.0 will be avible more powerful and more styled pack. !Warning!Pack Include Custom Weapons, Shields, Wings, Armors, and other stuff! ============================================================================================= Orginal stuff Whats comes include from L2OpenBR team : Version 2.0 Events: - TVT - CTF - Hide & Seek - Instance Event (Bloodshed) - Party Instance Event - Arena (under development) - Capture the Base - Saving Santa - Bunny Event Protection: - PHX Enchant - PHX Announce - Hlapex - Bots Gerais - L2Walker - Exploits - Over Enchants - Fake Admin ... and others Fixes/Features (Shorten): - Olympiad Retail - Seven Signs Retail - Fish/Lottery/Manor/Sieges/F.Sieges/Retail Events/Faenor/... todos funcionando - Beleth AI Added - Ranku AI Added - Hellbound Leveling System (Original do Open) - Skills 99% Retail (Chegaremos aos 100%) - Forgotten Skills em Autolearn - Faction System opcional Configur?vel - Npcs Inclu?dos * Npcs de evento * Npc buffer (adaptado por mim) (completo: pet/char/schemes) * Gm Shop (em desenvolvimento) * Ranking Stone (baixe e confira) - Frintezza Fixed - Sailrem Complete Working (Quest/Teleport/AI/SQL) - Anti-Dualbox para Olympiads - Anti-Feed PvP - Anti Dualbox & DualIP para o server - Comandos .autoloot on / off, .away, .tradeon/off, .pmon/off, .tp<city> - Sistema alternativo de enchants (em teste) ============================================================================================= Notes. 1.Buffe time is 1h 2. GeoData included ============================================================================================= -------------NPC--------------- Nr. Name Id 1.Custom Armor&Weapon Shop Made by Smokey - 90001 2.Hitman Manager - 51 3.Faction Manager - 52 4.Vesper Shop - 90002 5.NPC Buffer - 212121 (First Versions Will be avible only this buffer) 6.Black Smith - 50008 7. 8. 9. ============================================================================================= Will be created in next versions: (other NPC,Zones,Items will be add in next version) 1.Gate Keeper with animation and without 2.Custom farm zone GK 3.Donator Shop 4.Voter Shop 5.Add custom Armors (4-5 armors) 6.Add custom Weapons (5 sets of weapons) (Half of them are allerdy done) 7.Add wing, Shields, Jewlery (Shields Added) (Half of them are allerdy done) 8.Change Classic Sounds to litle bit modern ;) ============================================================================================= Items added: (Modification by Smokey)(other NPC,Zones,Items will be add in next version) 1.Aion Duals- 99080 (Work,stats will be updated next revs) 2.Dual Aracana Maces - 37000-37003 (Work,stats will be updated next revs) 3.L2Khaos Shields- 49000-49006 (Work,stats will be updated next revs) 4.High Five Mobs- 59201-59025 (Work,will be updated next revs) 5.Electricity Weapons- 66611-66621 6.Electricity Weapons- 66622-66632 (Dublicate for e-shop |||| With extra powers - soon) 7. 8. 9. ============================================================================================= Custom zone's : 1.High lvl Farm zone (Cordinates: -82711 -50333 -10413)
  2. smokey

    [Epilogue] Projeto His Collection

    New version added! Download link: Gallery : Hope u like it!
  3. smokey

    [Epilogue] Projeto His Collection

    Better info will be add soon in new realese then i upload images!
  4. smokey

    [Epilogue] Projeto His Collection

    Hello! So here im again my last project didn't work out but i have started new one! This project source is OpenBR v2.0. This pack i will share every month i have madded some changes in this pack its will be base and in next devs i will update the existing base but only i will add some new feuterus what u can see in next devs. So i will update my pack next realese will be add in 2010.11.29 thats the date. I have no time to post images so i will do that leiter. More info is in pack main map, next to gameserver map! oohh yea i have leave my acc in SQL! Admin User Name: smokey Pw: cakste That will be end i think good night ;) Transletor (Portugal): Olá! Então, aqui estou de novo o meu último projeto não deu certo, mas eu comecei uma nova! Essa fonte do projeto é OpenBR v2.0. Este pack i irá compartilhar todos os meses eu tenho madded algumas mudanças neste pacote será sua base e em devs próxima eu vou atualizar a base já existente, mas só vou acrescentar algumas feuterus novo o que você pode ver na próxima devs. Então eu vou atualizar o meu pacote realese seguinte será adicionar em 2010/11/29 thats a data. Eu não tenho tempo para postar imagens então vou fazer isso leter. Mais informação está no mapa bloco principal, junto ao mapa gameserver! Eu tenho sim oohh deixar minha acc no SQL! Admin Usuário Nome: smokey PW: cakste Isso vai ser final eu acho que boa noite;) P.s - All Errors what u found post bellow! ;) its will help :) Gallery here : Link para download (2010.10.31): New (2010.11.28):
  5. smokey

    BESE FullGracia Epilogue Server Pack 100% fix

    Hey! You are left all accounts with characters in bekcup. Fix it!
  6. smokey

    L2jServer Compiled Revisions - Gracia Epilogue

    Revision 7474 has released
  7. smokey


    Hello! So i have idea but i dont now is it work. So i have my web site on the host.But then i think way my server sql cant be uploaded in Host Mysql there it was in safe so i add all SQL but now i have only one problem how to connect server with host. Mybe some one alredy is make he's SQL on Host and can share with config file. Have a nice day! And sorry if some where are some mistake. Im not American or English.