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    L2Name - High Five x100

    L2Name - High Five x100 Opening 08.12.2018 at 17:00 (GMT +3) • Rates: EXP x100 SP x100 Adena x50 Drop x50 Spoil x20 ClanRepScore x10 Manor x10 Quest x10 RaidBossDrop x10 Epaulette x10 Fame x10 Fish x10 • Limits: MaxHP = no limit MaxMP = no limit MaxCP = no limit LimitPatk = no limit LimitMAtk = no limit LimitPDef = no limit LimitMDef = no limit LimitCriticalDamage = no limit LimitAccuracy = no limit LimitPatkSpd = 1999 LimitMatkSpd = 2499 LimitMove = 250 LimitMoveHorse = 500 LimitEvasion = 300 LimitCritical = 750 LimitMCritical = 30 LimitFame = 100000 • Uniqueness of the new server: Start Lvl - 40; Max members in clans - 15 + CRP and LvL Up for clans in Alt+B service; Penalty for invite in clan - 60 sec; Reduced stats for Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Blessed Freya; Epic Bosses Baium and Queen Ant 85 LvL; Craft Rare Vorpal and Rare Elegia; Drop and LvL up SA from Baium = Drop and LvL up SA from Dragons; 3 RB in LoA + Knoriks have LvL up SA like Zaken (1 member in party random until 17 LvL); Olympiad start points = 30; Chance of rare craft + 7%, with Premium Accaunt 10%; Not sale equipment higher, than Vesper; You can get Mid_S84 and Top_S84 from Kamaloka (81-83) and Grand Raid Bosses; Sale Coin of Luck for Adena in the GM-Shop for fix price; Increase chance to get belts from Territory Wars; Autolearn skills; Subclasses without quest untill 85 lvl. Start LvL of subclass - 75; Weight x50 of standar; Buffer in Alt+B; 32 (+4) buff slots and 12 for dances/songs; Manager of professions in Alt+B (professions are free); Buffer and Teleport are free until 81 lvl; Section for craft with many functions include Augmentation; Free get shadow equipment С, В, A-grade; You can insert the Life Stone and PVP Attributes to weapons and transferred weapons with Life Stones; .km-all-to-me 120 sec; AutoBan S-Guard, no bots; Limit for windows - 3; Technical support 24/7. The flags of all Castles return before each Territory Wars; Max enchant for Olf's T-Shirt +10 and other equipment +20; Safe Enchant +3. Chance to Weapon 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%); for other equipment chance 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%). More information about the server:
  2. LineagersPro

    RPGWARS - Interlude PTS X1

    RPGWARS - INTERLUDE PTS X1 Opening 15.12.2018 at 18:00 (GMT +3) - MAIN INFORMATION: Chronicles: Interlude Rates: x1 Direction: LowRate + PvP - GAME FEATURES: BOT is allowed Unique sharpening system Weight limit increased 5 times Buffer with profiles Buffs for 12 hours Life time of animals 12 hours The number of slots in the inventory - all 140, gnomes 160 The number of slots in the recipe book is 75/75 standard Unique events Mana Potion Recovers 5000 MP Autolut from the start, you can disable via .menu Siege of castles and the purchase of clan halls is available from level 6 of the clan. Announcement of the appearance of Noble, Sub and Epic RB Auto Learning Skills Up To Level 39 After Pro Books And Sp Buff slots - 28 + 4 Divine Inspiration Sharpening, Books, LS and Divine Inspiration / unstuck - 15 sec Coin of Luck can be obtained by playing Autorestart once a week - Friday 6:00 Moscow time. - RATES: Experience (Exp): x1 Experience (Sp): x1 Adena (Adena): x1 Drop (Drop): x1 Spoil: x1 Quest reward (Exp / Adena): x1 Raid Boss: x1 Epic Boss: x1 Quest (Quest Item): x1 - PA PAYMENTS: Experience (Exp): x1.5 Experience (Sp): x1.5 Adena (Adena): x1.3 Drop (Drop): x1.5 Spoil: x1.5 Quest (Quest Item): x2 Quest reward (Exp / Adena): x1.5 - RB: Resp all RB including Epic RB standard. Annons about the Republic of Belarus Republic of Belarus including Epic RB at the time of respawn. - BUFFER: All available buffs for adena are 1000 adenes per buff. Resists, cat / horse, Hot Springs for Buff Coin. - PROFESSIONS: 1,2 and 3 professions can be bought for Coin of Luck and Adena The price of the first profession - 100.000 Adena or 50 count The price of the second profession - 1.200.000 Adena or 200 count The price of the third profession - 500 Coin of Luck or the passage of the quest. - SHARPENING: Weapon / Armor / Jewelry - safe +3, maximum +25 Solid armor - safe +4, maximum +25 Chance usual sharpening: Weapons / Armor / Jewelry - + 4- + 25 = 70-15%. If unsuccessful, sharpening breaks into crystals Chance blessed sharpening: Weapon / Armor / Jewelry - + 4- + 25 = 70-15% If unsuccessful, sharpening is reset to +0. Crystal Sharpening Chance: Weapons / Armor / Jewelry - + 4- + 10 = 100%, + 11- + 25 = 90% Crystal Scroll can be purchased at the game store for Coin of Luck or Adena. - SAB CLASS AND NUBLESS: Full quest Number of subclasses - 3 You can buy quest items for Coin of Luck or just one click from a certain level Respub and Nubble RB standard. - OLYMPIAD: Opening hours - 18: 00-00: 00 Period - month Number of participants - class 5, outside class 7 Winning Award - 300 Olympiad Points - OFFLINE TRADE / CRAFT: Trading or craft offline is available for 10.000 Adena (Offline Trade Coin) It is possible to sit on offline trade / craft for 72 hours. - GLASSES ONLINE: After level 60, every 60 minutes online you will be credited with 1 point online. 12 Points online you can exchange for Coin of Luck. - VOICE TEAMS: .menu - character menu with all the necessary commands. More information about the server:
  3. LineagersPro

    Interlude-Classic - x5 - JOIN!

    Interlude-Classic Chronicles of the server: Interlude x5. Opening 28.07.2018 18:00 (GMT +3) Character Start on the server: • At start, the character receives a treasure chest with a newbie. It includes No-grade Set, Weapon, Spirit / soul Shot's + Rune EXP + 30% for 5 hours Server Rate: • EXP - x5 • SP - x5 • Drop - x3 • Adena - x5 • Spoil - x3 • Quest - x1 (except for some quests) • Raid Drop - x3 / EXP, SP - x5 & Epic Boss - x1 • Seal Stone - x3 • Manor - x1 Sub class and Nobles: • Cab class is a quest. • Nobles - Quest. Change of professions: • 1 profession - 100.000 Adena from the NPC • 2 professions - 300.000 Adena from the NPC • 3 profession - quest. Olympiad and sieges: • Start of the Olympiad 01.08.2018 • Duration of the Olympiad from 18.00 to 0.00 by Moscow time • Period of the Olympiad 1 month • Check for HMID + IP when registering. No bays! • Sharpening Limit +6 • To start the olympiad, 5 people are needed. • Sieges of locks pass in a standard cycle. Raid Bosses: • Rep of all ordinary bosses 24 hours. • Response to the Ketra`s Hero Hekaton / Ketra Connander Tayr (Varka's commander moss / Varka's hero shadith) 12 hours + - 2 hours • Nooblesse Raid Boss: Flame of splendor barakiel - 12 hours + -2 hours • Raid boss: Cabrio / Kernon / Hallate / Golkonda - 12 hours + -2 hours Epic Bosses: • Queen Ant - 24 hours + -2 hours • Zaken - 48 hours + -2 hours • Orfen / Core - 36 hours + - 2 hours • Antharas - 264 hours - 11 days + 2 hours • Baium - 120 hours - 5 days + 4 hours • Valakas - 264 hours - 11 days • Frintezza -48 hours + 2 hours Server Description: • Auto loot items • There is no restriction on running windows from one PC • Maximum number of buff slots 24 + 3 per book • Duration of Dance / Song / Summon Buff / plugs - 6 minutes • We do not have an NPC Buffer - but the Newbie Buff is available to all players from 1 to 65 levels • Auto-learning skills • Free teleports up to level 40. • Offline trading. Available to characters from level 1. • Cursed weapons in 7 days. • 7 Seals - according to the standard. Registration is opened from the server start. • Quests with increased rate. NPC server: • GM Shop - Available for sale Armor, Weapon, Jewelery up to С-grade. Required reserves. Shop for a coin vote and donate shop. DONATE SHOP DONT HAVE B-S GRADE ITEMS!!! • Service - service manager for repainting, changing, nickname, title. sex change. • Auction - An auction trader, where you can put up for sale your items for 3 types of currency: Adena, FA (coin per vote) Coin luck (coin for helping the server) Game commands: • .offline - switch to offline trading mode • .whoami - information about the character • .repair - fix the critical character • .cfg .menu - advanced settings • .class - getting professions More information about the server:
  4. LineagersPro

    Interlude-Classic - x33 - JOIN!

    Interlude-Classic Chronicles of the server: Interlude Opening 13.07.2018 18:00 (GMT +3) Character Start on the server: All characters appear with a full set of buffs All characters at startup are given a newcomer's chest (with NG, D and C weapons, armor and supplies. Server Rate: EXP / SP: x33 Adena: x3 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Raid Boss: x5 Seal Stone: x4 Quest x1 (except for a few x2 list below) Sub class and Nobles: Sub-Class does not require the execution of the quest, you need a sub class you can buy for 15.000.000 adena Reagents for Nubless are sold in the GM shop for adena. Level of Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 78 Change of professions: 1 profession - 50.000 adena 2 profession - 500,000 adens 3 profession - 700 halisha mark + 7.000.000 adena Olympiad and sieges: Start of the Olympiad 16.07.2018 The period of the Olympiad is 1 week. Duration of the Olympics: from 18:00 to 00:00 Moscow time. The period of the Olympiad is 7 days. The cycle starts on Monday. Check for HWID + IP when registering. No bays! Enchant limit +6. To start the Olympics - need 5 players. Sieges of locks pass on a standard cycle. Life Stone: Drop Life Stone with tyrannosaurs on Primeval Isle. Chance to knock out LS 50%. Spawn time is 5 minutes. All Life Stone in inventory in one cell. Raid Bosses: Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 8 hours + - 1 hour. Alliance Raid Boss - 24 hours + - 1 hour. Sab RB 8 hours + - 1 hour. All other Raid Boss - 12 hours - / + 1 hour. Announcements about sab, nubless, alli RB 60 minutes before respawn. Epic Bosses: ABSOLUTELY ALL EPIC ZONES ARE PVP ZONES Ant Queen, Core, Orfen - Available the next day the server starts! The remaining epic bosses will be available next week on schedule. Queen Ant 80lvl 24 hours at 20:00 (drop: Ring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield) Core 80 lvl 18:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. (Drop: Ring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield) Orfen 80 lvl 19:00 every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. (Drop: Earring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield) Zaken 80 lvl 18:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (the doors open at 00:00 according to the playing time)(Drop: Earring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield) Antharas 19:00 + 0-2 hours Every Sunday Valakas 19:00 + 0-2 hours Every Saturday Baium 18:00 + 0-2 hours every Tuesday and Saturday Frintezza 20:00 + 0-2 hours every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Time for the passage of insta and farm - 2 hours. More information about the server:
  5. LineagersPro

    L2-RAGE.COM - INTERLUDE EURO-PTS X50 NEW Classic Interlude x50 Craft-PvP [EURO PTS] Official START: July 13 at 20:00 (GMT +3) About server: Chronicle: Interlude Platform: Euro-PTS Conception: Craft-PvP x50 Server name: Phoenix Server time: GMT+3 11 reasons to play on High-quality compilation (Euro-PTS, not Java) International project global scale Server without donate, which affects to game balance Unique protection Always high online Optimised game client - without critical errors and delays Only best server hardware Truly classic, beloved by all We present to You a gifts We answer on all Your questions We value Your opinions Read full description on
  6. LineagersPro

    L2Pirate - Unique Interlude x1200!

    L2Pirate - Unique Interlude x1200 Server opening date: July 1 at 20:00 GMT +3 EXP: x1200 SP: x1200 Adena: x1200 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Quest: x1 - Start level 20 in the TOP-D Grade things in the Pirates camp, 100kk adena at the start - Noblese Blessing at start - Sub-class without quest, Maximum 5 - 36 slots for buffs, buff lasts 2 hours - 3 locations Pirate Coin: City of Pirates (for beginners), Gludin Bay (for medium), Runa Bay (for experienced) - Special zone for group farm: zone Shark - From all RB 76+ Pirate and Fun Coin fall - TvT Events, Capture of the Flag now take place on the ship at Zaken - Event Zaken's attack on the city of pirates - Event Lorei attack on the pirate camp - Event Kraken - Weapons of pirates - Pirate armor (Stats from A / S sets (DK, Draconic, IR) + 15% armor type) - Zaken's armor (Stats from all 3 types of pirate armor) - Swords of Zaken Striptease bar, pub and casino in the city of pirates, what else do real pirates need? More information about the server:
  7. LineagersPro

    Lineagers.Pro - Interlude PvP x800

    Web Site: Interlude PvP x800 Knowing the game since 2005 and playing on hundreds of different game servers, we tried to take only the best traditions of the genre of PvP. We ask you to immediately note that this is not x1200, namely x800, and the difference is not only in the name, but in the concept itself. Our reits are something in between super zadrotstvo and super light game. The server is configured and balanced so that everything on the server has a certain value. We tried to return the opportunity to lead in the game not only war and battles, but also the game economy, trade and earnings. In addition, we will try to decorate the game on Interlude x800 server with our author's events with cash prizes every day! Also on the server will be periodically organized political wars - creates 2-3 camps, players are divided into them and lead the battle among themselves for a cash prize. The first camp - players from Russia and the CIS, the second camp Players from Ukraine and Europe, the third camp - neutral players, peacekeepers. Summarizing - we tried to make for you a comfortable, pleasant gameplay so that you could play, have fun and at the same time earn real money. Full description is available on the link: