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  1. Do not miss our opening at 5 October 19:00 GMT +3
  2. We have worked hard to make this server full pvp,and every player will get 100% full experience from it! The reason of our born is that we can not really understand why there are so many unworthy- servers around and due to the lack of quality and enjoyable game-play we want offer again some really good moments and reborn old memories. Invite your friends to play,create your own clans and get READY!! Destroy your enemies,prepare your ally and BE THE BEST OF THE BEST IN THE PVP WORLD OF GYTHEON..!! Exp x1000 Sp x1000 Adena x1 Drop x2 Party Exp x1.5 Party Sp x1.5 Starting character level - 79. Safe Weapon/Armor = 4 Max With Bless = 20 Max Armor with crystal = 25 Max Weapon with crystal = 30 Normal Enchant Scroll = 75% Bless Enchant Scroll = 85% Crystal Enchant Scroll = 45% Your weapon dont lose enchant if it enchanted with crystal and brake  Life Stone = 3% Mid Life Stone = 7% High Life Stone = 11% Top Life Stone = 15% Glow Rates = 1%/20%/50%/70% You can use All Active & 1 Passive Skill VIP Characters have +5% chanse for all life stones* Geodata Working 100% Flawless Working 100% Pathnodes working 100% Auto Learn Skills Buff Slots 99+4 DBuff Slots 8 Duration Buff 2 hours Caslte Siege every week Class Balance Skill Balance DDoS Protection Flood Protection Walker Protection Ani-Bot System Chaotic Zones Custom Farm Zones Custom PvP Zones Mass PvP Zone Free Sub-class Sub-class without quest Max Sub-class 4 Sub-class start 80 LvL Noble From Barakiel Olympiad every 15 Days Custom Starting Zone Start with full S-A Items Stuckable Scolls Stuckable Life Stones Stuckalble Bogs Anti-Buff Shield All items in GM Shop Economy System Based to Farm Items Main Town Giran Pvp Reward 1 Pvp Coin Auto loot mobs Auto Loot on Raids Wedding System Ranking System All Bosses are 80 LvL Custom Clan System Class Quest is Free Anti Feed Protection Dueling System PvP&PK Color System Augmentetion System Auto Vote System Auto Vote Reward Auto Event System 99% Uptime No weight limit Dont lose Buff  Antharas Weapons Icarus Weapons AION Weapons Vesper Armors Gold Armors Desert Eagle Armors Dusk-Zombie Shield Special Tattoos Clan Rep Coin VIP Coin Vote Coin Noble Coin Hero Coin PvP Coin Farm Coin Event Coin Special Coin Gold Coin   .secure .menu .online .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtinfo .repair .deposit .withdraw /unstuck
  3. iOllie

    [L2J] L2Mercury 21 September High Five x15

    Less than 24 hours left for the Grand Opening of our server, Over 500 Accounts have been created during our OBT. We invite you to join this adventure with us and enjoy Lineage 2 . Don't miss it. SERVER: L2Mercury High Five x15 Grand Opening: Friday, September 21 20:00 GMT+2 Website: Forum: Facebook:
  4. Dear players, we decide to bring back L2Mercury. There will be a really hot start with many players, big clans and huge online playing communities. We have worked hard to deliver the best gameplay, many useful services and functionality. We will give to you that feelings wich others servers can`t suggest. Why our server is the best choice : - Defenses against DDOS attacks. - Protection from bots. Smart-Guard - High quality server performance! - Comfortable game without freezes or delays. - Active & Professional GM Team. SERVER: L2Mercury High Five x15 Grand Opening: Friday, September 21 20:00 GMT+2 Website: Forum: Facebook: Grand Opening Special Event for all online players: SERVER RATES | Exp x15 , SP x15 | Adena x12 | Drop x12 | Spoil x15 |Quest Drop x4 | Quest Reward x4 | Manor x2 | RaidBoss Drop x4 (Epic Raid x1) |Party bonus Rate: 2.00; 2.20; 2.40; 2.60; 2.80; 3.00 Enchant Rates Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 12 Normal Scroll chance : 50% Blessed Scroll chance : 60% Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 Elemental Stone chance : 50% Elemental Crystal chance : 40% BASIC CONFIGURATIONS Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2 Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h Buff Slots : 32 Dance and Songs Slots : 14 Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6 Anti-Bot (+ Report system) Geodata and Pathnodes GENERAL INFORMATION Sub-Class Free without Quest Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Class Master Off-line Shop mode Off-line Buffers mode Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot Vitality System Unique Community Board Droplist Search Engine Auction System More information about Server Commands, Territory Wars + Sieges, Full Features, Grand Boss Respawns, Instances requirements can be found in game through ALT+B Community Board RAID BOSS & INSTANCES INFO Boss: Ant Queen Respawn Delay: 24 h. +- 2 h. Boss: Antharas Respawn Delay: 7 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Valakas Respawn Delay: 10 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Baium Respawn Delay: 5 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Beleth Respawn Delay: 8 d. +-2 h. Boss: Epidos Respawn Delay: 2 h. Instances: Normal Freya Required players: 9 Instances: Hard Freya Required players: 11 Instances: Frintezza Required players: 9 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-83 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-60 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Nightly lvl-60 Required players: 9 Instances: TIAT Required players: 11 Instances: Beleth Required players: 18 OTHER SERVER FEATURES .control : Character control panel .stats : Shows exact information about character statistics .vote : Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting .online : Shows how many players are online in game .offline : Sets Offline Private Store .repair : Repairing character located in same account .password : Changing Password of your Account .buffstore : Setup Offline Buffer Store .buffshield : Protects you from unwanted buffs .siege : Full siege information .combine : Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration! .dressme : Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak! .report : Target a player you think is botting SERVER: L2Mercury High Five x15 Grand Opening: Friday, September 21 20:00 GMT+2 Website: Forum: Facebook: Grand Opening Special Event for all online players:
  5. Only 8 Hours left for the Grand Opening of one of the greatest International Private Servers. Are you ready for #L2Alynna? Client. You can download and update the game from our Launcher Account. If you still do not have your account for Alynna, you can register an account from Credits. Once the server open doors, you can credit your GX Coins to the character you want from
  6. ⚔️ GXZone Alynna Battle Tournament! ⚔️ The eSport event you were waiting for! You will be able to participate in the biggest South American tournament of L2, and watch the best teams fight for the USD 1.000 award Start your way to become a legend registering at #AlynnaLeague, the qualifying series for the battle tournament. Sign up with your party and participate! You can also watch the event live through our live cam or our official streamers Don't miss the launch of the new #L2Alynna on August 31! Register at:
  7. ALYNNA X7 SERVER Official High Five platform GRAND OPENING: FRIDAY, 31 August 8PM (GMT-3)Website: http://l2.gxzone.comForum: RATES: XP/SP: x7 Adena: x5 Drop x7 Spoil: x7 - Chance Spoil x1 - x5 (Random) - Quantity Seal Stones x5 Raid Boss EXP: x1 Raid Boss: x3 - Chance Drop Epic Boss: x2 - Chance Drop & Adena Quest EXP Seven Signs x3 Fame Points x2 Eppaulete Drop x2 CHARACTERISTICS Trader Bot - FREE Dual Box - FREE NPC Buffer - NO AutoPickup - YES SubClass Acum - NO RELEVANT TIME & DATE Seven Signs September 7 Olympiad September 20 Hellbound August 31 Siege September 19 Clan Hall Auctions September 10 Items Auctions TBD Cursed Weapons TBD MODIFICATION & BALANCE Badges required for Noblesse reduced to 50 2 Weeks Olympiad Period Olympiad Token reward reduced to half Epic Random Respawn +- 2hrs Baium Lv 81 5' Baium window added after wake up. Removed Anakim Scroll All Epic Bosses dead from the start Raid Bosses Lv 80 Cabrio Hallate Kernon Golkonda Some videos from our previous servers:
  8. Are you ready for some real fights? Join the most crowded High Five mid-rate of the moment. offers you an unique experience into the Classic client on High Five files. Join now and be part of our adventure.
  9. We have developed a brand new unique concept of the server which is suitable for both - large clans and solo players! Unique exciting events and daily tournaments will not let you get bored! We have analyzed and balanced the economy of the server which guarantees a long and stable server operation. Complete absence of bots and other prohibited software! Massive advertising campaign of the server! GRAND OPENING ★ BATTLE CLUB X100 ★ AUGUST 17 Server opening: August 17 at 20:00 (+3 UTC)Beta test opening (OBT): August 10 at 20:00 to August 16 23:00 (+3 UTC)Chronicles: High-Five on client ClassicWebsite: Forum: Rates: x100 Features: - Premium account: 40% EXP/40% SP/30% Adena/30% Drop/30% Spoil/20% Epaulettes 30% Limit weight +10% The chance of successful crafting +1% The chance of crafting a rare item +3% Chance of successful improvement of armor / weapons / jewelry. - Runes: EXP/Drop/Spoil "chance"/Adena - Each of the runes gives: +20% rune time: 12 hours / 24 hours / 72 hours. -Clan Skill: *Also added a new clan skill that will increase: EXP / DROP / SPOIL / ADENA on (3%, 5%, 7%) - The server also has a service to replace the appearance of armor and fitting these suits. - Improved such epic jewelry as Core и Orfen ( 3 level of improvement ). - Daily Reward - For the time in the game, each player on the server will receive rewards. Instances: -Nightly Zaken : party min="36" max="450" level min="56" max="6 . -Daytime Zaken : party min="9" max="27" level min="55" max="85" . Daytime Zaken Higher: party min="9" max="27" level min="80" max="85" . -Frintezza: party min="11" max="45" Events: - Team vs Team. Players will receive for the victory Silver Coin \ or Battle Coin. 1.1 The location will be from 5 to 9,be updated every two minutes. 1.2 Reward is issued for only one HWID / IP. 1.3 Victory – 25 Silver Shillien - The last survivor 1.1 The task is to survive in the arena. 1.2 The survivor receives the reward Battle Coin. - PvP tournament 2x2\3х3\5х5\9х9 1.1 The team that wins the last battle is considered the winner. 1.2 Preparation for 30-40 seconds Olympiad, Sieges/TW Sieges,TW: - The first siege on August 26. - The first Tritorial Wars September 20:00-22:00 Moscow time - Registration closes 24 hours before the siege begins Olympiad: - 130 battles olympiads per week. - Period of the Olympiad 10 days. Start on August 17th, End of period 27, giving 28 at 13:00 - 18 starting points. - 18 points every 3 days. - 1 coin to 5 points from the player. - 2 coins from 5 to 9 points from the player. - 3 coins for 10 points victory. - Coins can not be exchanged or transferred to another player. Raid Bosses: - Queent Ant - 85 level, drop 100% respawn 2 days. - Core & Orfen 85 level, chance get ring 100% 3 days. - Baium respawn 5 days. - Antharas respawn 8 days. - Valakas respawn 10 days. - Capture CС goes by DPS. - Near all Raid Bosses PvP Zona. - All the epic Raid Bosses. respawn in the interval from 20:00 to 23:00 on Moscow time - From the start server all the epic Raid Bosses are dead. You can find more information at our webiste. Website: Forum:
  10. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Quer vir para o Endeavor com seus amigos? Nós lhe daremos um clan lvl 3, com todas as skills lvl 1 !!! MAS, esta promoção é válida apenas para clans com pelo menos 10 jogadores ativos! Pedimos aos interessados que entrem em contato por email ([email protected]) com as seguintes informações: Nome do clan. Quantos membros ativos o clan possui. Após o nosso primeiro contato, solicitaremos mais informações, conforme necessário. Se aprovado, o clan deve entrar no servidor, criar o clan, convidar todos os membros e obter o lvl 40. Depois disso, todos os benefícios serão dados o mais rápido possível. TAMBÉM, se você já estiver jogando aqui e criou um clan lvl 3, não se preocupe. Nós devolveremos TODOS os 1 milhão de Legendary Adena que foram usadas para upar o seu clan.
  11. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Changelog from live server: - Now npc buffer is free until lvl 62. - Fixed B-grade jewel prices. - Moon set costs 20 attendance coins now. - Added C and D grade enchants in luxury shop. - Increased mana potion regen. - Legendary adena and event medals are now tradeable. - We removed cancel from some TOI mobs. - Proof of blood added to NPC Larloch. - Added Cursed bones on all grocery stores. - Changed to 40 the min level to participate on automatic events. - Added the following commands: .delevel (return to 0% XP on your actual level) .expon (turn on the block XP feature. In this case you cant go over 99.99% XP) .expoff (turn off the block XP feature. In this case char will uplvl normally) We are trying to make the server more friendly like for any player. What we offer is a stable and log term server with community that is growing day by day. We invite you to be part of our adventure and enjoy the time at our server. More Updates will be soon. ================= L2 Endeavor ================= Website: Forum: Server opened at : 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Facebook:
  12. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Today we reach 400 real online players and the server is growing day by day. Clans started fight for spots and Raid Bosses. We invite you to join in a unique adventure that our server offers to all the players that looking for a long and stable Classic Server. ================= L2 Endeavor ================= Website: Forum: Server opened at : 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Facebook:
  13. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    August 07, 2018 GRAND OPENING TODAY!! 7 Hours left for the opening of our server. We would like to thank everyone who was willing to play and test on BETA, especially those who brought us tips and feedback on the current settings. Today will be the grand opening, I hope you like it, have fun and enjoy it, because I'm sure we will have a great future together, we just have to follow our path together, making the necessary adjustments so every single day the server grows more and more and become even more competitive. Thanks and good luck to everyone! L2Endeavor Classic 2.0 (Saviors) x100 First PvP-Based Classic server Website: http://forum.l2endeavor.comFacebook:
  14. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Over 250 accounts have been created during our OBT so far. Players reports and suggestions are getting checked by our developer and everything going really good so far. Ofcourse we are not that kind of server to say that we expecting 5k+ online but the server will be really good from side of the files and players. Today we annouced our pre-opening event. You can find more informations at our forum. If you are really looking for a good classic server to have fun and enjoy the classic gameplay join L2Endeavor. Website: Forum: Grand Opening: 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Beta Opening: ONLINE (since 1 August 2018) Facebook:
  15. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Beta Changes: - In order to make it easier to test all classes, skills and equips, we added a NPC in Giran that sells all important items by "coin of luck". - Every char will start at lvl 76 with 1000 coins of luck.