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  1. We have developed a brand new unique concept of the server which is suitable for both - large clans and solo players! Unique exciting events and daily tournaments will not let you get bored! We have analyzed and balanced the economy of the server which guarantees a long and stable server operation. Complete absence of bots and other prohibited software! Massive advertising campaign of the server! GRAND OPENING ★ BATTLE CLUB X100 ★ AUGUST 17 Server opening: August 17 at 20:00 (+3 UTC)Beta test opening (OBT): August 10 at 20:00 to August 16 23:00 (+3 UTC)Chronicles: High-Five on client ClassicWebsite: Forum: Rates: x100 Features: - Premium account: 40% EXP/40% SP/30% Adena/30% Drop/30% Spoil/20% Epaulettes 30% Limit weight +10% The chance of successful crafting +1% The chance of crafting a rare item +3% Chance of successful improvement of armor / weapons / jewelry. - Runes: EXP/Drop/Spoil "chance"/Adena - Each of the runes gives: +20% rune time: 12 hours / 24 hours / 72 hours. -Clan Skill: *Also added a new clan skill that will increase: EXP / DROP / SPOIL / ADENA on (3%, 5%, 7%) - The server also has a service to replace the appearance of armor and fitting these suits. - Improved such epic jewelry as Core и Orfen ( 3 level of improvement ). - Daily Reward - For the time in the game, each player on the server will receive rewards. Instances: -Nightly Zaken : party min="36" max="450" level min="56" max="6 . -Daytime Zaken : party min="9" max="27" level min="55" max="85" . Daytime Zaken Higher: party min="9" max="27" level min="80" max="85" . -Frintezza: party min="11" max="45" Events: - Team vs Team. Players will receive for the victory Silver Coin \ or Battle Coin. 1.1 The location will be from 5 to 9,be updated every two minutes. 1.2 Reward is issued for only one HWID / IP. 1.3 Victory – 25 Silver Shillien - The last survivor 1.1 The task is to survive in the arena. 1.2 The survivor receives the reward Battle Coin. - PvP tournament 2x2\3х3\5х5\9х9 1.1 The team that wins the last battle is considered the winner. 1.2 Preparation for 30-40 seconds Olympiad, Sieges/TW Sieges,TW: - The first siege on August 26. - The first Tritorial Wars September 20:00-22:00 Moscow time - Registration closes 24 hours before the siege begins Olympiad: - 130 battles olympiads per week. - Period of the Olympiad 10 days. Start on August 17th, End of period 27, giving 28 at 13:00 - 18 starting points. - 18 points every 3 days. - 1 coin to 5 points from the player. - 2 coins from 5 to 9 points from the player. - 3 coins for 10 points victory. - Coins can not be exchanged or transferred to another player. Raid Bosses: - Queent Ant - 85 level, drop 100% respawn 2 days. - Core & Orfen 85 level, chance get ring 100% 3 days. - Baium respawn 5 days. - Antharas respawn 8 days. - Valakas respawn 10 days. - Capture CС goes by DPS. - Near all Raid Bosses PvP Zona. - All the epic Raid Bosses. respawn in the interval from 20:00 to 23:00 on Moscow time - From the start server all the epic Raid Bosses are dead. You can find more information at our webiste. Website: Forum:
  2. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Quer vir para o Endeavor com seus amigos? Nós lhe daremos um clan lvl 3, com todas as skills lvl 1 !!! MAS, esta promoção é válida apenas para clans com pelo menos 10 jogadores ativos! Pedimos aos interessados que entrem em contato por email ([email protected]) com as seguintes informações: Nome do clan. Quantos membros ativos o clan possui. Após o nosso primeiro contato, solicitaremos mais informações, conforme necessário. Se aprovado, o clan deve entrar no servidor, criar o clan, convidar todos os membros e obter o lvl 40. Depois disso, todos os benefícios serão dados o mais rápido possível. TAMBÉM, se você já estiver jogando aqui e criou um clan lvl 3, não se preocupe. Nós devolveremos TODOS os 1 milhão de Legendary Adena que foram usadas para upar o seu clan.
  3. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Changelog from live server: - Now npc buffer is free until lvl 62. - Fixed B-grade jewel prices. - Moon set costs 20 attendance coins now. - Added C and D grade enchants in luxury shop. - Increased mana potion regen. - Legendary adena and event medals are now tradeable. - We removed cancel from some TOI mobs. - Proof of blood added to NPC Larloch. - Added Cursed bones on all grocery stores. - Changed to 40 the min level to participate on automatic events. - Added the following commands: .delevel (return to 0% XP on your actual level) .expon (turn on the block XP feature. In this case you cant go over 99.99% XP) .expoff (turn off the block XP feature. In this case char will uplvl normally) We are trying to make the server more friendly like for any player. What we offer is a stable and log term server with community that is growing day by day. We invite you to be part of our adventure and enjoy the time at our server. More Updates will be soon. ================= L2 Endeavor ================= Website: Forum: Server opened at : 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Facebook:
  4. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Today we reach 400 real online players and the server is growing day by day. Clans started fight for spots and Raid Bosses. We invite you to join in a unique adventure that our server offers to all the players that looking for a long and stable Classic Server. ================= L2 Endeavor ================= Website: Forum: Server opened at : 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Facebook:
  5. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    August 07, 2018 GRAND OPENING TODAY!! 7 Hours left for the opening of our server. We would like to thank everyone who was willing to play and test on BETA, especially those who brought us tips and feedback on the current settings. Today will be the grand opening, I hope you like it, have fun and enjoy it, because I'm sure we will have a great future together, we just have to follow our path together, making the necessary adjustments so every single day the server grows more and more and become even more competitive. Thanks and good luck to everyone! L2Endeavor Classic 2.0 (Saviors) x100 First PvP-Based Classic server Website: http://forum.l2endeavor.comFacebook:
  6. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Over 250 accounts have been created during our OBT so far. Players reports and suggestions are getting checked by our developer and everything going really good so far. Ofcourse we are not that kind of server to say that we expecting 5k+ online but the server will be really good from side of the files and players. Today we annouced our pre-opening event. You can find more informations at our forum. If you are really looking for a good classic server to have fun and enjoy the classic gameplay join L2Endeavor. Website: Forum: Grand Opening: 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Beta Opening: ONLINE (since 1 August 2018) Facebook:
  7. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Beta Changes: - In order to make it easier to test all classes, skills and equips, we added a NPC in Giran that sells all important items by "coin of luck". - Every char will start at lvl 76 with 1000 coins of luck.
  8. iOllie

    [L2J] L2 Endeavor Classic 2.0 07 August

    Only one more hour self for the Beta Opening of L2Endeavor make sure to download our patch and register your account at our website or by clicking here: Account register L2Endeavor staff awaits you on game. Good luck to everyone
  9. We would like to announce the opening of L2Endeavor, a high rate classic 2.0 L2 server (saviors). We invite everyone to participate in the open beta, giving opinions, suggestions and criticisms. The idea of opening a classic server is to bring back the nostalgia and old spirit of L2. The server is aimed at the old players, who played the first chronicles of lineage 2, which lost the sparkle and the gameplay with the course of the new updates. We want to bring back this sparkle and the joy of many old players, who often no longer have enough time to make a good progression on a server low rate. ================= L2 Endeavor ================= Website: Forum: Grand Opening: 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Beta Opening: 01 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0) Facebook: ================= Server Rates ================= The server will be based on a rate of 100x, aiming to make the farm / grind less tiresome, having a fast progression and making the PVP increasingly attractive. The fact that the server is high rate does not mean that you will be completely full in 1 week, much less you will have everything easily. The farm and the improvement of the equips occur simultaneously, offering a continuous progression to the players until they become full. ============= Enchants ============= Safe Enchant: +3 Max. Enchant: +20 Olympiad Enchant: +6 The Classic offers different types of enchants: Normal Scroll : 66% (Increases 1 level per enchant. After +3, in case of failure, the item is crystallized) Improved Scroll : 66% (Increases 1 to 3 levels per enchant. After +3, in case of failure, the item is crystallized) Solid Scroll: 66% (Increases 1 level per enchant. in case of failure, the item keeps the enchant. However, usable only on items +7 or less) Blessed Scroll: 66% (Increases 1 level per enchant. In case of failure, the item returns to +0) In order to facilitate the enchantment of the items, we added an Ancient Scroll: Ancient Scroll: 66% (Increases 1 level per enchant. In case of failure, the item keeps the enchant) The way to obtaining the Scrolls: Normal, Improved and Solid, we will keep retail, that is, in the NPC Galladucci, located in the Luxury Shop of Giran. However, instead of offering enchants B and C, only enchants A will be sold. Both the chance to get the scrolls, and the items to generate them have been changed. The success chance has been increased and the items kept the using pattern of Scroll Part + Normal Scroll. The Blessed Enchant can be obtained only in drop from Raid Bosses. Ancient Scrolls can be obtained only in drop from Grand Bosses. ============= Buffs ============= The server has NPC Buffer in all cities. The npc allows buffing the player or summon, as well as offering automatic buff for those who does not have much idea of which buffs to pick up for their class, as well as allows the creation of up to 3 schemes (buffs saved). Making possible for the players to configure automatically the buffs they want. All buffs offered by NPC have a duration of 2 hours. Number of Slots: Buffs: 24 slots Song/Dance: 12 slots The values of the Npc buffer are progressive: 76+ = Final value 40-75 = Final value / 5 0-40 = Free ============= Weapons ============= The current version of the server, Classic Saviors, has as top items the A-Grade items. Given the diversity of models of each A-Grade weapon (3 A-Grade daggers, 3 A-Grade bows, etc.) we understand that it would not make sense to put the different types of weapon at different prices in the GM Shop, since no player will invest (adena, item farm, enchants, etc) in the weaker weapon. Because of this we decided to level all A-Grade weapons, i.e., apply the p. attack / m. attack status from TOP A-Grade into the MID and LOW A-Grade. Therefore all A-Grade weapons of the same type will have the same status (all bows, blunts, sword, etc. will have the same status), where the choice between them will be only by the taste (skin preference). ============= Craft e Spoil ============= Given the server proposal, being high rate and more PvP oriented, all drops of craft items or drops per spoil were removed. All game items can be purchased from the GM shop. ============= Olympiads ============= Unlike the official, where fights only take place on Fridays and Saturdays, the fights will happen from Thursday to Sunday. The change was made to increase the number of days, so that people who can not be online on the weekend do not end up losing the whole fight week. We also choose to not leave it happening through the whole week, because in addition to promoting a bigger dispute, we will have more control over the fights, since the GMs will have only 4 days a week to dedicate to observe the olys and to punish the feeders. Aiming for greater equality between the participants, the Olympiads will have the max enchant at +6, that is, even if you have items with enchant greater than +6, during the fight in the olys they will have the statuses of items +6. ============= Reward for logging in daily ============= A daily reward for players who regularly play on the server are implemented on the server. Those prizes aim to reward active players who actually dedicate themselves and support the server. After logging in, a window showing the available rewards will appear. To get them, just stay logged in for 30 minutes. After this you will be informed that the reward is now available to be claimed. The prize is unique per account, that is, if you have an account with 5 chars, the moment you get the daily reward in one of them, that same reward will be inactive in the others. ============= Daily Missions e Daily coin ============= In the Official, you receive Daily Coins as a reward for gaining level or completing some missions, which could be used to buy craft items in the high priest. However, by removing the craft on the server, we changed the rewards of the Daily Missions to Attendance Coins, thus making it easier to purchase items in the Dimensional Merchant. ============= Donations ============= NO type of donation will be offered in the first month of the server. After the first month, according to server development, we will add options for players to donate. This position has been taken since we believe that a large and stable period is necessary for players to equip themselves and thus avoid any gap between donors and non-donors. Without this measure, donor players would have enormous advantage over non-donor players, which we do not think is interesting and healthy for the server. All items that will be made available by donation can also be purchased under the normal conditions in the game. There will be no distinction between donor and non-donor players. In other words, there will be no preferential or priority service to anyone and the rules and punishments are the same for EVERYONE. ============= Mana Potion ============= Mana is a factor, wanting or not, determining for the game. Given this, we understand that it is not interesting that the mana is made available in an "infinite" way, as this would negatively influence several things, among them: Unbalance: more powerful or useful skills usually have higher mana consumption, just to be used with caution and wisdom. By providing infinite mana, powerful classes will become even more powerful. Give functionality to all classes: the use of mana burn, recharge, etc. are key points in a mass pvp. By providing infinite mana certain classes lose their functions and some skills become useless. Study the build better: When you have infinite mana, it is almost unanimous the remotion of MEN in favor of other statuses, such as INT and WIT, so certain sets or items that increase MEN are usually discarded. In order to improve the gameplay and the balance between classes, at the same time making players think of useful builds for certain situations, we decided to add mana potion with a gradual effect (increase over time, as healing potion) and not with instant recovery. The potion has been optimized so that in the PVE / FARM mana is not lacking to anybody (e.g. a mage spamming skills). As long as the player continues to use mana potion, he will not have problems with the mana ending. ============= Noblesse Blessing ============= The Classic Saviors version does not yet have the subclass system, ie, no player can acquire the skill noblesse blessing in order to maintain the buffs after the char death. Based on the server proposal and aiming dynamic and competitive mass pvp, we added a scroll buff able to provide you the nobless blessing. The scroll can be obtained in any grocery and has fixed cast, that means it will not have casting difference between mages and fighters, all will take the same time to buff. You can also buy a Blessing Scroll in clastle chamberlain, this scroll has faster casting. ============= AntiBot ============= The server uses the best current antibot of the market (sguard). However, even with this protection, we've added the bot report system (accessible in your character's action window), where players can report other players they think might be using some bot program to farm. Also, a passive protection, where from a certain time the system will interact with the player in some way to verify that it is in fact in control of the char. ============= DDoS Protection ============= The server has state-of-the-art DDoS protection and a proxies system, which offers different login alternatives enabling a lower latency to players around the world. ============= Other features ============= Auto SS / BSS, damage system, casting bar, target assist, etc. It will not be possible to use mounts if the player is in combat mode. Detailed Class Manager available on Community Board (Alt + B). 3rd Class skills that are only learned using books can be obtained from the Lorenzo NPC located in Aden's grocery store. A 1 day Lucky Charm was added. If you want a safe farm, without fear of dropping any items if you die for a mob, keep that item in your inventory. The purchase of quick healing potion in the castle's NPC has been limited, preventing players from becoming immortal. We decrease the land rate of debuffs in general. We understand that in a PvpP or massPvP strategies and tactics should be a key factor in achieving victory. Classic has the peculiarity of having a very high success rate of debuffs, which often makes the game annoying and tiring, where the first player to debuff will win. ============= Server's future ============= The server is designed to provide fun and entertainment to everyone for many years. For this the staff is committed to maintaining a quality support, with fast service and gradually implementing several updates to keep players always entertained with the game. Among them, we are already finalizing the update of Classic for 2.5 (Zaken). These updates will occur according to the progression of the server itself, so if after a few months we understand that the server is mature enough, we will upgrade to 2.5, and so on. Always respecting the time of the server and the players. 0
  10. L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude Factions Server Website: Forum: Facebook: Opening Date: 28/07/2018 17:00 GMT+2 New Moba Arena map (in addition to Castle VS Castle), new events and many gameplay improvements! The game play is based on a routine of events which will run constantly one after another, each event has its own unique set of features. The event routine includes Maps, Instances, Mini Events and a chance for a Boss Event at the end of each routine. Players can view Territory Control, Event Statistics, Toplistis and more through the Tablet of Information NPC in town. In addition to the regular events, players can participate in Farm Zone, Mini Games, Olympiad, Siege, Daily Events and Holiday Events. Maps Longest time events with biggest kind of goals to accomplish. A raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends. Winning faction will own the map, owning all maps in a certain territory grants special rewards. Currently implemented map types: * Battlefield - Transfer as many bases as possible from the enemy to your team by killing them. * Capture the Flag - Steal as many flags as possible from the enemy and deliver it back to your base. * Domination - Rule a certain area on the map for as much time as possible by having more players in it than the enemy. * Escort the Payload - Protect an NPC from the enemy team while it makes its way from one point of the map to another. * Fortress - Use the Capture Fort skill on the NPC inside the fortress to capture it for your side. * Siege - Kill the king inside the castle in order to capture it and prevent the enemy from killing your king. * Team VS Team - Kill as many enemies as possible to score for your team. * King of the Hill - Similar to Domination, just when a point is being captured, another one becomes active. * Hybrid - Can have a combination of any of the above goals in a single map. Instance Events After a map ends an instance event will start. Instance events are divided into 2 realms, each team will get its own realm. The teams are not able to see each other, the first team to complete the instance wins. If none of the team completes the instance in time, the team that made more progress wins. The score bar will show the progression of each team. Currently implemented instance events: * Blood Castle - Pass all 3 stages by killing all monsters and then killing the boss at the end. * Clear the Chamber - Kill all the monsters before the enemy does. * City Under Attack - Be the first to kill 50 invading monsters. * The God's Tower - Be the first to slay the enemy god. * Castle Invasion - Be the first to invade the castle and kill the king inside. * Rescue the Princess - Kill the boss at each stage in order to free the princess. * Search the Beast - Find and kill the hidden beast. * Ice Queen Cabin - Kill the Ice Queen Guard at her Cabin. * The Magician's Tower - Weaken the magician by killing all its minions and then kill him. * The Undead Camp - Destroy all 4 undead altars in order to win. * Cursed village - Be the first to clear out the Undead Hordes and the Undead Boss. * Water Factory - Be the first to destroy all the water pumps. * Dimensional Rift - Clear every room of monsters, kill the boss at the last room. * Four Sepulchers - Clear every room of monsters, kill the boss at the last room. * Lair of the Snowman - Be the first to get past the snowman army and kill the boss at the end. * Wisdom Test - Answer correctly as many questions as possible to weaken the boss and kill it. Mini Events A mini event will start after an instance event. These are usually short time events with small objectives to complete. Currently implemented mini events: * Battlefield - Use the Capture Base skill on each NPC in order to capture it for your side. * Bomb Fight - Use the Bomb skill to spawn NPC that explodes after a few seconds and kills all surrounding enemies. * Death Match - Make the biggest amount of kills in order to win the event. * Hunting Grounds - Use the bow to shoot enemies and turn them into your side. * Korean TvT - Survive more rounds than the enemy in order to win. * Last Man Standing - Survive the event in order to win. * Lucky Chests - Open as many chests as possible in order to win. * Humans VS Mutants - Make as many mutant kills or kills as a mutant as possible. * Raid in the Middle - Kill the boss while staying safe from the enemy team. * Russian Roulette - Each round try to guess which chest won't die in order to win. * Simon Says - Say exactly what Simon says each round in order to win. * VIP TvT - Kill the enemy VIP while keeping yours safe. * Guardians - Killing enemies has a chance to spawn guardians, kill guardians to score for your team. * Buffless TvT - Team VS Team type event with no buffs, every kill counts. * Battle Royale - Find loot during the event and make your way to the top killing others. * Humans VS Zombies - Be the last to survive the apocalypse. Boss Events After every mini event there's a chance a grand boss event will start. Chance depends on amount of players online and day of week. There are 2 types of boss events: Team VS Team and Free for All. FFA will start only if there's not enough players for a TvT. In order to increase your chance for better rewards, you must take a vital part in the event. Currently implemented boss events: * Antharas * Baium * Core * Frintezza * Orfen * Queen Ant * Sailren * Valakas * Zaken Daily Events These type of events are a mimic of the retail ones. Daily events will run 24/7 and will switch every midnight. These events will grant extra boost and fun to everyone. Currently implemented daily events: * Change of Heart - Collect 9 heart pieces in order to play a paper, rock, scissors game and win rewards. * Heavy Medals - Collect 2 types of medals and exchange them for rewards. * Letter Collector - Collect as many different letters as possible to build up your rewards. * Master of Enchanting - Try to enchant a staff as high as possible for better rewards. * Playing with Fire - Get ingredients for making fireworks, the more fireworks you make the more rewards you get. * Power of Love - Collect Tokens of Love and trade them for a reward. * Squish the Squash - Collect Pollens and use them to buy/grow a seed, better squashes means better rewards. * Zaken's Curse - Pigs will spawn randomly during maps, killing pigs results in getting rewarded. Holiday Events These type of events will run through holiday seasons. These events will grant extra boost and fun to everyone. Currently implemented holiday events: * Black Friday - Prices of all items will reduce by 33%. * Halloween - Always night, hat drops, NPCs transformed into undead/zombies, XP/SP rates +25%. * Christmas - Snowmen attack event, hat drops, xmas blessing. * Valentine - Marriege price cut by 50%. * Easter - Special events will occour randomly in the world, participating will grant rewards. Aden Siege Aden Castle will be used as a retail like castle siege, the only one on the server. All clans can participate, the castle siege will take place every Sunday. The siege area is a free for all PvP zone, regardless of player's faction. The clan who will own Aden Castle will receive the following benefits: * +25% XP, +50% SP. * +1 Clan Reputation Point per kill. * Access to Gigantic Chaos Golem Raid Boss. * Castle Crowns and Circlets. * Members who are rank 7 or above can ride a Strider. * Members get special passive skills depending on the territories their faction owns. Farm Zone Players will be able to join a farm zone (solo or with party) at any time of the day. The farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, so choosing the right time to join is vital. Once joining, players can stay inside until they die once or 1 hour have passed. Besides of being full of monsters, there's also a boss free for all to farm. Noblesse In order to get noblesse status players must achieve the following: * Reach level 80. * Reach rank 5. * Get Ring of Goddess Quest Item by PvE. * Get Necklace of Goddess Quest Item by playing events. * Get Staff of Goddess Quest Item by killing the boss inside the Farm Zone. After meeting all of the requirements, you will need to search for the Noblesse Manager. The NPC is hidden at random locations inside the Farm Zone. Expert Skills Players will get 1 Expert Book each rank they get (9 books). Players will get 1 Expert Book for reaching levels 78, 79, 80 (3 books). These books can be used to learn special custom Expert Skills. Expert skills will give small bonuses to the character and will be stored among all subclasses. Expert skills can be reseted if a player feels like changing the skills he learned. Buffs * AIO buffer with 7 premade editable schemes. * Option to restore default schemes. * 4 hours buff duration. * Buff slots 20+4. * Summons restore buffs when resummoned. * Buffs kept after death (including toggles). * Anti buff griefing system. * Symbols and Event buffs do not take a buff slot. * Cancelled buffs return after 7 seconds. Enchanting * Modified enchant rates depending on game progression. * Failing a normal enchant will reset item enchant level to 0. * Failing a blessed enchant will reduce item enchant level by 1. * Safe enchant +3 (+4 full body). * Max enchant +16. * Life stone chance: 12%. * Enchant Advisor NPC in town where you can check enchant rates. PvP * PvP rewards with EXP/SP/Adena/Items which players can use to make progress ingame. * Players get rewarded according to damage done on enemies when they die. * Players can be spoiled for extra rewards. * Debuffs and heals also count as damage. * Players get rewarded for resurrecting (limited to 5 minutes per player). Class Balance No effect in olympiad: * FOI duration reduced to 8 seconds and cannot be used in boss events. * Mass resurrection cannot be used in events. * Support classes cannot cast spells on other friendly support classes. * Prayer is a self buff. * Blow damage bonus reduced from x2 to x1.6 * Removed full lethal. * Cat/Pony buffs are self/owner only and increased to 4 hours. * Snipe duration reduced to 30 seconds. * All Fear/Stun duration reduced to 2 seconds. * All Mute/Paralyze/Root duration reduced to 4 seconds. * All Debuff/Sleep/Weakness/Betray duration reduced to 10 seconds. * Mana Burn power doubled. * Increased the amount of targets a warlord can hit by 5. * If a player gets resurrected by others in events, only HP will be restored to 70%. * Armor Mastery penalty enabled. * Reduced magic critical rate by 75%. * Reduced magic critical damage by 25%. * Reduced duelist AoE force skills damage by 25%. * Reduced duelist single target force skills damage by 15%. * Reduced tyrant force skills damage by 10%. * Reduced human/dark elf archer critical damage by 15%. * Reduced elf archer critical damage by 10%. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 50% of target's max CP+HP in a single hit. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 10% of flags/unicorns HP in a single hit. * Increased warlord damage by 25%. * Increased summon damage by 10%. * Increased human tanker damage by 20% when not wearing a bow. * Increased elf/dark elf tanker damage by 50% when not wearing a bow. * Energy Stones cannot be used to increase force. * Necromancer summons doesn't require a corpse to be summoned. * Necromancer summons can only be buffed with speed buffs. * Heroic Valor is target self. * Heroic Miracle duration reduced to 8 seconds. * Hero Rod/Scepter heal chance reduced from 3% to 1%. * A healer cannot resurrect other healers in maps and mini events. With effect in olympiad: * Aggression/Aura of Hate reuse delay increased from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. * Dash reuse delay increased from 8 seconds to 16 seconds. * Arrest range increased from 150 to 400. More Balance Changes * Gear dependent rewards - higher/lower rewards depending on gear. * Team balance based on Elo/Count. * Anti farm / AFK systems. * Bonus buff for people who die too much without making kills. * Bonus buff for losing team during an event. Olympiad * Only 1vs1 class irrelevant matches available. * Time left until olympiad period ends shows up for players upon login. * Runs only at Friday/Saturday/Sunday 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2. * Weekly cycle with reduced rewards, heroes every Monday. * Fights regardless of player's faction. * Minimum participants needed is 5. * Players need to play at least 5 maps a week in order to participate. Parties * 5 Members maximum inside events. * Increased EXP/SP/Adena rewards when playing in party. * Party limiting to 28 points max, so a party cannot become too strong. * Healers count as 15 points, tankers as 12 points, anything else 0. * Brown title color for party members. Clans * Retail clan penalties. * 9 members maximum in main clan. * 1 extra member for every royal guard the clan has. * Alliance only for the crest. * Levels 1 and 2 requires SP and Adena. * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buy able from GM shop). * Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points. * Prices for leveling up, royal guards/knights and clan skills are 4 times lower than retail. * Clan members cannot temporary change faction in events. * Only same faction can be invited to clan. * Weekly retail like Aden castle siege for clans with a variety of rewards. * Clan wars - clans can declare war against clans of opposite faction. Voiced Commands * .playalone / .playinparty - turn on/off random parties while joining events. * .shotsoff / .animon / .animoff / .allanimoff - show/hide animations, use if have client lags. * .scoreon / .scoreoff - show/hide the score bar during events. * .msgon / .msgoff - show/hide killing streak messages on screen. * .radaron / .radaroff - show/hide player radar in events. * .changepin - manage character-level security pin code. * .autorespawn / .manualrespawn - change respawn mode while in maps. * .elo - if used on others can show others Elo points, otherwise shows self Elo points. * .info - show information while in an event or farm zone. * .menu - manage any voiced command through a html window. * .gotolove - instantly teleport to your partner. * .repair - use to fix all charactrers on the account if having login problems. * .notice - clan leaders can set message for all members to see upon login. * .joinparty - auto join a party during an event. Features * Starting level 76 with 3rd class (including sub classes). * Max level 80 (including sub classes). * First subclass free, any subclass afterwards cost 500 Adena. * Starting gear C-grade. * S-grade locked for the start of the server. * Unique rank system with rewards. * Global vote reward system for Adena. * Personal vote reward system for temporary passive skill. * Double EXP/SP event at random times during the day. * Killing streak system with sounds. * Killing spree system with sounds. * Events voting system. * Announcements upon raid bosses/grand bosses spawn/death. * Full GM shop with gifts system. * Grand master for sub classes, clan/ally management, skill learning and more. * Toggles for CP/HP/MP instead of potions. * Return skill for all classes instead of SoE. * Special town for both factions for improved server economy. * Offline shops with dedicated store zone. * Trade chat is faction only chat. * Shout and Hero chats will show player's faction. * Players can duel in town. * Services NPC (Name/Gender change, Faction change etc). * Training Dummy NPCs to test your class from different perspectives. * Tablet of Information NPC shows useful tips, info and boss status. * Free warehouse and freight. * 10 seconds spawn protection. * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots. * No death penalties and no exp loss. * Max 1 client per PC can login. * Pin code security upon character login. * Mini games - Poker, Lottery and Casino. * Wedding with gotolove and extra skills. * /unstuck will teleport the player to another spawn location while in events.
  11. Proudly presenting Project Lipo Well i was preparing a big text with all the fancy words and beautiful pictures to persuade you that this is something new and unique, but nooo. You see, everybody can hide something behind big words but not everybody can offer something truly amazing, and in this case, words can't describe what Project LIPO is about. So, if you want to see something interesting check this out. You will forget everything else that is related to Lineage 2. Grand opening date: 15.07.2018 Site: Library: Facebook Page: Discord Server: What is Project Lipo?Project LIPO is a fragment of a game inside our beloved world of Lineage 2. It's set in the Principle Universe, long before the official Lineage 2 lore. It expands with Time-Limited Chapters and the story of each is determined by players throughout their gameplay. You know the present, do you know the past? The World When the world was formed 2 different energies had immersed, the Yin and Yang. The former created the Dark Elves, the Orcs and the Dwarves while the latter made the Humans and the Elves. Each faction wanted power and control and so the war begun... Nexus & Neutral Object Each faction has a Nexus that contains their natural energy. Every Sunday a siege takes place that gives the opportunity to a faction to destroy the enemy Nexus. The attacking faction is the one with the most weekly captures over the Marmoreal Altar... Mining, Crafting & Fishing There are so much more than just fighting. Each activity has content that you just can't do all and each is essential to faction's growth and dominance. Devote yourself to one, and become the best one there is... Much much more unique features you can find on our website. CLASSES There are 11 different classes and each one can be undertaken by all races with only type restrictions. Each class has unique skills that favor some playstyles while punish others. Every class offers a different perspective into the game and one thing is certain. Each one is a hell of a lot stronger with P skills! As a player, you will be able to choose your class at level 20, although you will be able to change it at levels 40, 76 and later. Grand opening date: 15.07.2018 Site: Library: Facebook Page: Discord Server:
  12. Site: Forum: Facebook group: Twitch channel: The Begining At 2008 was the year which L2 Elixir open its gates for first time, was that year when we decided, as ex-lineage 2 players, to open our own server. A server different than the others, a server for players who love this game and want to enjoy it. We hadn't any purpose of making money, our goal was to make a server which will provide to all lineage 2 players a fair and free game to enjoy their time. For more than 3 years, L2 Elixir was alive with daily updates and improvements and with one of the largest number of players a private server ever had. Unfortunately after 3+ years of a Live server without any corruption, without any kind of unbalanced donation which affects the gameplay, nights without sleep, lots of money spent to offer a free server to L2 Elixir players and our nerves on the breaking point, the circumstances prevent us to continue the operation of the server. More money needed to be spent for new equipment to host L2 Elixir. Several players offered financial support for the server, but we couldn't find a way to manage it, without any problems. So L2 Elixir shut down, on a time that we were preparing a full Freya update, AFTER 3+ years of operation. At 2018 is the year which,L2 Elixir takes life again. Me and Ocean,the primarily members of L2 Elixir team, decided to open again the server after 7 years! All these years we follow the Lineage news, but we didn't take part because our lives and circumstances didn't allow us to have the time to spend like we did back at 2008. 10 Years Later So now its the time, L2 Elixir to be the greatest server again. To bring all the old players and the new players of this game back to L2 Elixir, for a long and interesting adventure once again! We have again this need to offer to Lineage 2 players, the Best server that they need, the server that they don't have! To unite the old players and Clans, with the New ones. To remind to the old players, the game that they loved, and learn to the new players, the game that they never had! We have this need to watch the epic fights again, All the clans which fought each other as enemies, or fought together as teams. With a few words, we want to remember the old time classic memories, and live them again on a new different period of time with people love the game it self and mesmerized from our work. Great Comeback L2 Elixir makes the big comeback this summer with one of the biggest projects of this decade to offer its services and dedicate once again to the players and provide an extremely competitive gameplay to all these clans like LittlePigs / Crush / Just4Fun / Exiles / Ophalim / Emperors / AwakenDemon / PinkFloyd22 / BadBoyZ TnT / Allegro / Breathe / Gr33kWarriors / NewOrders / 4usOnly / Horama / ReJoice / TheBlackDragon and many many more which made L2 Elixir one of the greatest servers of all times. We would like as well to see all the new clans and players shined last 10 years, unite them all in one server with a long term plan, as only we know, to write their own history once again, enjoy their epic battles and the game they loved to play on a younger age, with the guarantee of L2 Elixir!] Client: Interlude Rates : x4 Open BETA: Sunday 24 June, 21:00 GMT+2 Official Launch: Friday 29 June, 21:00 GMT+2 Site: Forum: Facebook group: Twitch channel: [VIDEO][/VIDEO]
  13. We are happy to announce the opening of the Lineage 2 Infinity (French server) on Friday, June 1, 2018 at 8:00 pm (French time)! In order not to waste time, you can now download the Gracia Final Client in the Join Us section of our website. The L2 Infinity Patch will be available on the opening day of the beta test. SERVERChronicle: Gracia FinalWebsite: opening: 01.05.2018.OBT: ONLINERATESRates: XP 10x / SP 10xAdena: 10xSpoil Rate: 12xDrops: 5x Quest Drop / Adena: 3x (variable case by case depending on the quest)Quest Ally Ketra (only) with the choice of the main scoreGENERAL FEATURES(Poll on forum)No GMShopMammon RetailNobless paid in Adenas, by voting or by doing the questPerfect GeodataSafe enchant +3.offlineshopChan shout (orange) global, Chan trade (rose) regionalScalable serverPhase 1: Gracia Final - Blocking of Hellbound and Elements StonesPhase 2: Gracia Final - Opening of Hellbound and Elements StonesPhase 3: Gracia EpilogueOTHERQueen Ant & Zaken Lvl 80Spoil blue Added skill "Mass Sweep"Castle Siege every weekCastle Siege in Giran (adjustable according to the population)Manor disabledHero rotations every weekOlympics only on weekendsWe thank you for the trust you place in us and wish you all the best on Lineage 2 Infinity.