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  1. [Bow] Weapon Kindred In L2 Interlude

    The kindred name is not owned by them since it is a mythological name, it has no copyright or anything about it, The weapon never took a separate edit without the closure in conclusion is like never existed the separate weapon. The authentication process was already executed and there is no problem since the name is not theirs, and they never removed the weapon separate from the cache. Was verified with the authorities of a justice to compare and review if it infigrates the law of copyright, and gave negative does not infigrate anything
  2. [Bow] Weapon Kindred In L2 Interlude

    Rito Gomes did not participate and had nothing to do with this, The model and the texture I had to create it from 0 to not have problems of copyright
  3. [Bow] Weapon Kindred In L2 Interlude

    Good Luck Here I Leave The Kindred Arch character of lol Image Video: Download Password Does not include SQL, xml. Create manually Thank you costs nothing Credits: Model by Deilan Animations By NCSoft Textures By Deilan
  4. Buenas Amigos Hoy les Traigo las Serverpack L2J-Frozen Info: Pack: L2JFrozen Revision: 1004M + Custom 2.06 Cronica: Interlude Customs: Raid Boss Anunce Spawn Weapon Enchant to NPC Mana Potion Clanfull Restart Tutorial Show Unstuck Animation Skill ID Day To Siege Nobless Manager NPC Skill Balance Tatoo Balance Weapon, Armors Balance NPC Events Total Death Comuniti Board Glow Enchant Hero Weapon Players Online Viewe Fix PVP-Pk Title FIX ( [0][0] ) Fix Exploit Duplicate Do not lose the Buff to Restart Your Leave Buffs On Die ( No Test) Fix Bugs Private Store Fix Anti Critical Error Delete Msg Monastery Mobs Npc Buffer Fix npc HTML limits Imagenes: Descargar: Server Pack: L2J-Frozen [Custom 2.06]aqui Client: Client L2J-Frozen [Custom 2.06]aqui UPDATE 1 V 2.07 Fixed Baby Spice Wrong Message. Correct Messages For Lethal Strike. Max Party Members Join In Server. Increased RAM Memory. Increase of Systema PK and PVP Title Color (Ammounts 8). Custom Register Hexid GameServer. Enchant PVP. NPC Bug Report. Descargas Update: Update 1.rar SQL NPC Report Bug: NPC-ReportBug.sql Info Log Custom: Info Log Custom.rtf Contraseña: zZDeilanZz Credits, SVN: L2J-Frozen Code: L2jFrozen Forum, L2devs, zZDeilanZz Design: Deilan Sasame (zZDeilanZz)
  5. Não que Senota saven nem nojo do otaku definiciond e , para não confundir o que é fornecido pela marca, mas não como nariz que porra!fazer ao olhar para este Post dar Pena Capital
  6. Se você não gosta de um bom é a sua opinião vale Verga iam me
  7. Bons amigos Aqui deu-lhes uma arma um pouco estranho Negi de Vocaloid e que tem sido a Miku Hatsune (leek) Para lineage 2 Interlude Fase Beta, que vai ser a atualização ao mesmo tempo corrigir os erros decorrentes de Fotos: Download: Mega Negi Vocaloid.rar Medafire Negi Vocaloid.rar Senha: zZDeilanZz Créditos: Modelo By zZDeilanZz Textura By Sega
  8. [Share C1-Interlude] Weapons Interlude Epic

    lol Moto very good
  9. [Share][Interlude]All Ixion Weapons to C6

    Soo Good
  10. Dynasty Weapons Re-pack by MrFreedomFights

    Lol Good
  11. Weapon Dynasty Com Glow Hero

    Wow :D
  12. Antharas Weapons Perfeita 100%

    Very Good
  13. Weapons Antharas-Valakas-Lindvior