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  1. L2Dwarf Mode Community Open 30/03/2018 Rates Exp solo: x3000 Exp party: x2 Adena: x100 Drop quest: 60% Raid Boss Drop (Lvl 75-80) 3 Weapon S, Adena , Crystal Enchant x5 (100%) BaseGamers set part(40%) x 4 Grand Boss 1 Jewel Raid(100%) 15 Crystal enchant(100%) 5 Weapon Grade S(100%) 5 Books of Giants 10 Top Grade Life Stone BaseGamers set full x2 (100%) Farm Zones Adena(100%),Life Stone,Books of Giants,Weapon S, Part Armor BaseGamers(25%) Crystal enchant (20%): Custom Map change every 30 min About server Interlude/C6 Events Every 1 Hours you can only create characters with the race of dwarves fighters. You will get active skill from Duelist, Phoenix KnightGhost Hunter / Moonlight Sentinel / Adventurer / Titan / Dreadnought / Grand Khavatari / Fortune Seeker / Maestro Random Raid Boss You can buy in the current farm area (There is no initial city) Gifts of items every week Gifts every month of hardware (Mouse, keyboard with photo of record in the Facebook) BaseGamers Armor Weapon S Tatto's Custom Coin hero duration 24 Hours Coin Noblesse Killg Spree custom announcement Enchant +15 announcement CTF,DM,TVT,Last Man(Crystal Scroll , TvT Coin , Adena ) Lucky Chest (Adena rate 500x) Enchant Max weapon: +30 Max armor: +30 Enchant safe: +10 Blessed Rate: 88% Crystal Rate: 100% Weapons and sets never crystallize Donation Manager Gatekeeper Warehouse GM Shop Casino Change Password Potion and Scrolls Haste/WindWallk Scroll buff Duration 40 min Noblesse Item in SHOP Clan Manager Symbol Maker PK/PvP Top Website: www.Basegamers.net
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