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Lineage II Clarity

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Lineage II Clarity Features



L2 Clarity is a brand new server developed by people with experience on MMO games. Our goal is to provide you an enjoyable experience and gameplay in our server and be a part of this project for a long time. Our main focus is to use the existing features of Lineage II with some modifies in order to make them more interesting. We also added some new features so everyone will have choices in game instead of the usual routine. Another thing we considered was about donations as more games have became P2W cause of that. So we decided to not include any item on donations that will ruin the balance in progress between free users and donators. As for the future of the server we have already implemented updates of the current features that we will add them slowly in order to improve the gameplay and of course to keep our server updated with more features. Of course we keep working in background for new features or improvements for the future. Hope to meet you in game and have fun to our server!


High Five


Server Staff
Administrator: Abaddon
Developer: Flare
Head GM: Godkanth
GM: Penuel


Exp: x50
Sp: x50
Drop: x1


Enchant Rates
Normal: 65%
Blessed: 65%
Ancient: 70%

Max Enchant: +20


General Features
Buff Slots - Max 24 - Songs & Dances 12
Auto Learn Skills
Increased weight limit for characters
2 hours Buff Duration
Challenging Olympiad
High quality Geodata/Pathnodes for Castles
Spawn Protection
Sieges every week
Heroes every month
Active Development
Respect to our community
Active GMs


Clarity Features
Seven Signs improved with more benefits
Castle Sieges have been improved with more benefits
Hero System have been improved with more benefits
Clans have been improved with more benefits
Purify System
Daily Missions
Level Up Rewards
PvP Gear have been edited with higher stats
Instances have been modified with end-game drops
Premium System
Fort Sieges & Territory War modified with more rewards
Core System


Castle Features
Siege Rewards: After a successful siege the winning clan get a medal to exchange it for Fame points
Castle Bonus: Circlets & Lord Crown giving extra stats
Lord Name: Castle Lords have their named colored
Lord Announcement: Announce when a lord of a castle logging in
Castle Dungeon: Exclusive dungeon only for castle owners
Castle Cloak: Exclusive cloak for castle owners with PvP stats


Hero Features
Hero Title: All heroes have their title colored
Hero Weapons: Stats have been modified with higher stats
Hero Bonus: Heroes are getting more fame points or rewards on end-game content
Heroic Dungeon: Exclusive dungeon only for heroes
Heroic Cloak: Exclusive cloak for heroes with PvP stats


Clan Features
PvP Skills: New PvP clan skills are available
Clan Cloak: Exclusive cloak for high level clans
Clan Dungeon: A dungeon available for all clans in order to get Clan materials.
Clan War: Clans can participate everyday and compete with other clans in order to get clan materials by hunting strong bosses on a PvP Zone.
Clan Contribution: Clan members are getting personal contribution for clan activities.


Core System
Core System is a feature based on hunting Raid Bosses. Each player is recieving Core Missions in order to increase their Core Level. As long you are getting higher Core Level the missions are becoming harder and the rewards better. Complete these missions in order to get Fame points and rare items. By advancing Core Level you get a skill that increase your attributes.


Fortress Features
All the PvP Belts can be obtained by Fortress Sieges. Get Knight Epaulettes by participating on fort siege or by completing Fort Dungeon and exchange them for Shirt or consumables. Fame Points can be acquired too during Fort Siege.
Fortress Dungeon have been edited too in order to become harder and giving higher rewards.


Olympiad Games are available everyday at 18.00 Server time and lasts until 22.00 Server time. Max allowed buffs are 5 and players can participate x times per week. There is no gear restriction or enchant restriction because we believe players should be able to use their PvP Gear as they worked hard for them. Olympiad Shops remains the same with only addons Lifestone Bundles, Elemental Stones Bundles and Ancient Scrolls that we included using Olympiad Tokens too.


Territory War Features
Territory Wars are getting place every Saturday at 20.00 Server Time.All Territory War quests have been edited with more rewards. Agathions can be obtained only by parrticipating in Territory Wars. Territory Managers shops have been edited with rare items.


Normal: Availble for everyone - Daily Reset (Everyday 9.00 Server Time)
Expert: Available for everyone - Weekly Reset (Sunday - 9.00 Server Time)
Heroic: Availble only for heroes - Weekly Reset (Sunday - 9.00 Server Time)
Castle: Available only for castle owners - Daily reset (Everyday 9.00 Server Time)
Clan: Available for clans only - Daily Reset (Everyday 9.00 Server Time)

All instances contain end-game rewards for all party members!


All PvP Gear parts have been edited and givng PvP stats. Purify give the option to the players to upgrade further their PvP Gear to increase more their stats. In simple words if you have a max PvP Gear(PvP Gear start with Level 0) you can upgrade it to Level 1 then to Level 2 and in Level 3. This option is available for S84 Grade Weapons, Armors and Jewels and can be done using your Fame points.


Seven Signs
Seven Signs have been edited with some changes. In general system works like official so players have to choose every week in which organization they want to fight(Dusk or Dawn). The winning team is the one with the most contribution points. Each Seal inside is giving a different buff for the winners if they have occupied them for 1 week until the next period start. Winners have access into Catacombs & Necropolis for 1 week that they are edited with end game items. In the end winners can exchange their personal contribution points for PvP Belts and consumables.

Seals Buffs
Seal of Avarice: P.Atk & M.Def +2%
Seal of Gnosis: M.Atk & P.Def +2%
Seal of Strife: HP & CP + 2%


Level Up Rewards
Begining your adventure in our server you are getting rewards when you leveling up.


Daily Missions
Everyday players can complete Daily Missions in order to get rewards.
Reset time for Daily Missions is everyday at 9.00 Server Time.


Raid Bosses
Raid Bosses have been edited with higher stats and end game items. There is also chances to get Fame points by killing them too. Core System is also connected with Raid Bosses. (Read Core System Features)


Premium Benefits
More Fame points after succesful sieges and dungeons.
Increased chances for rare drops on Dungeon boxes and higher amount on rewards.
Double amount of Clan Coins when contributing for clan.


Royal Shop: Buy equipment & Consumables
[RB Jewels are not included and can be acquired only by Grand Bosses]
Buffer: Giving you support magic
Gatekeeper: Teleporting you everywhere
Service Manager: Exchange Clarity Coins or Event Medals for special items
Castle Manager: Get rare items & fame only for castle owners
PvP Manager: Buy PvP Gear or Purify your gear
Instance Manager: Enter to all available instances
Clan Manager: Exchange Clan materials and get Clan Contribution.


Team vs Team
Capture the Flag
All vs All
Weekly events


Server Status
Early Access will take place at [31 March] and will be available for everyone. During Early Access our focus will be in tracking the existing features and balancing all the classes. Keep in mind that during Early Access there are posibilities to do some unscheduled restarts if they need in order to fix any issue that we will notice. There will be no wipe after Early Access and all your progress will be remain when server will move to Live status.


Website & Forum


Follow us
Discord: Join


Best Regards,

L2 Clarity Team

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    • Parabéns pelo projeto, @Blackdiamond! Com relação às sugestões fica difícil, já que você restringiu algumas coisas. A meu ver não há muito o que se inovar em termos de funcionalidades, sobretudo deixando-se de lado o básico. Um bom site pra server L2 deve ter sim os rankings (pvp, pk, castelos, raidboss, heros). Opinião minha apenas. Um sistema de controle de doações pode ser útil. Outra básica que não pode faltar é uma que mostre quando o server está On ou Off. De toda forma, sucesso com o projeto, e, mais uma vez, parabéns!  
    • Opa beleza, sou desenvolvedor posso criar um para você com todas as funções que precisar inclusive também em multi idioma irei lhe enviar meu contato via Privado
    • @Blackdiamond
      pra ideias, usa como base os sites da atual studio..

      Tem alguns onlines aqui:
    • Show, bora ver a galera da uma moral nas ideias. Executar não é o problema, mas sim ter as ideias. kkkkk
    • Bem como já está no titulo, estou montando um projeto de um servidor, com base na jfrozen e pretendo postar aqui no forum pra geral.
      porem alguns mods não tem aqui na jbrasil, outros é preciso de adaptação..
      dai entrei em contato com uns desenvolvedores aqui da jbrasil,  e eles fazem a venda de cada mod ja adaptado..
      alguns mods que faltam adicionar são: Days to Siege Config
      Mod All Subclasses
      O Event Tournament Arena
      Visual skin com adaptação Golden Scroll por Grades, ex: Grade B- Grade A- Grade S os comandos: 
      .menu com adaptação diferente da do forum Os itens: 
      Item Clan Full, 
      Item Clan Reputacao, 
      Item Hero Day, 
      Item Vip Day, 
      Item Aiox
      Item Change Name, 
      Item Troca de s***, 
      Item Infinity Stone, 
      Item Class Change; cada mod sairia a 20 reais, porem consegui um desconto de todos por 105 reais, dai quem tiver interesse em usufruir da rev , e poder ajudar,  basta clicar no link abaixo pra fazer uma doação de 20 reais.

      20 reais já foram donatados..
      RESTAM R$ 85 Reais!