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[L2J] L2Gytheon Interlude PvP server 5 October

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We have worked hard to make this server full pvp,and every player will get 100% full experience from it!
The reason of our born is that we can not really understand why there are so many unworthy-
servers around and due to the lack of quality and enjoyable game-play we want offer again
some really good moments and reborn old memories.
Invite your friends to play,create your own clans and get READY!!
Destroy your enemies,prepare your ally and BE THE BEST OF THE BEST IN THE PVP WORLD OF GYTHEON..!!




Exp x1000
 Sp x1000
 Adena x1
 Drop x2
 Party Exp x1.5
 Party Sp x1.5
 Starting character level - 79.




 Safe Weapon/Armor = 4
 Max With Bless = 20
 Max Armor with crystal = 25
 Max Weapon with crystal = 30
 Normal Enchant Scroll = 75%
 Bless Enchant Scroll = 85%
 Crystal Enchant Scroll = 45%
 Your weapon dont lose enchant if
it enchanted with crystal and brake




 Life Stone = 3%
 Mid Life Stone = 7%
 High Life Stone = 11%
 Top Life Stone = 15%
 Glow Rates = 1%/20%/50%/70%
 You can use All Active & 1 Passive Skill
 VIP Characters have +5% chanse for all life stones*




Geodata Working 100%
 Flawless Working 100%
 Pathnodes working 100%
 Auto Learn Skills
 Buff Slots 99+4
 DBuff Slots 8
 Duration Buff 2 hours
 Caslte Siege every week
 Class Balance
 Skill Balance
 DDoS Protection
 Flood Protection
 Walker Protection
 Ani-Bot System
 Chaotic Zones
 Custom Farm Zones
 Custom PvP Zones
 Mass PvP Zone
 Free Sub-class 
 Sub-class without quest
 Max Sub-class 4
 Sub-class start 80 LvL
 Noble From Barakiel
 Olympiad every 15 Days
 Custom Starting Zone
 Start with full S-A Items
 Stuckable Scolls
 Stuckable Life Stones
 Stuckalble Bogs
 Anti-Buff Shield
 All items in GM Shop
 Economy System Based to Farm Items
 Main Town Giran 
 Pvp Reward 1 Pvp Coin
 Auto loot mobs 
 Auto Loot on Raids
 Wedding System
 Ranking System 
 All Bosses are 80 LvL
 Custom Clan System
 Class Quest is Free
 Anti Feed Protection 
 Dueling System
 PvP&PK Color System
 Augmentetion System
 Auto Vote System
 Auto Vote Reward
 Auto Event System
 99% Uptime
 No weight limit
 Dont lose Buff




Antharas Weapons
 Icarus Weapons
 AION Weapons
 Vesper Armors
 Gold Armors
 Desert Eagle Armors
 Dusk-Zombie Shield
 Special Tattoos
 Clan Rep Coin
 VIP Coin
 Vote Coin
 Noble Coin
 Hero Coin
 PvP Coin
 Farm Coin 
 Event Coin
 Special Coin
 Gold Coin















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