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DESTARION.COM - New Fascinating World «Wind» PvP x999 - High Five.
Opening will take place on 16.03.2019 at 17:00 (GMT +1)

Lf you were looking for a quality server High Five, on which you can really have a good time and stay for a long time, then you to us!
At us you on advantage estimate service and quality of work of all resources of the project!

Our team is interested in absolutely every player who, of course, does not violate the rules of the project. We are happy to provide our players with a truly high-quality product, accompanying it all with a decent advertising budget, which will bring together great online! And also the advanced system of support of players where everyone can address on any question and receive the answer satisfying it!

We are happy to provide you, the first and unique game world of its kind «Wind» PvP x999!




Server Chronicles: High Five.
Platform: Java.
Server: PvP - Light start, without a complicated farm and pumping the character.

High and stable online!
Strongest clans, const parties and alliances!
PvP battles 24/7 and a hot Olympiad!
Constant server support by advertising!
Long-term work without wipe! 
Stable operation of all project resources!
Quality assurance and protection from third-party software!

Server Rates - Exp: x999, SP: x999, Adena: x1, Drop: x1, Spoil: x50, Quest Reward: x1, Quest Items: x1, Quest Drop: x5, Epaulettes: x25, Fame: x10, Raid Boss: x1.
The living economy, the rates of adena x1. All prices are indexed according to our rates.
Adena \ Silver \ Gold with loot, distributed within the party.
All characters appear in the starting location near Rune.
When you start, you already have a Nobless buff.
Unique Community Board ( Alt+B ) - Here you can find absolutely everything.
Daily steep promotions and contests.
In all places where characters appear, there are all necessary NPC.
Automatic learning of all skills.
All characters have been added a small starting capital for development.
Infinite soulshots and arrows.
Things with augment can be transferred / sold (optional).
It is possible to insert attachments in PvP objects.
There are commands to turn off the experience, block the buff, reject the chat.
The slots in the inventory are increased.
Unique farm currency and items.
Unique Buffer, GM-Shop and Classmaster.
Available offline trade \ kraft \ selling buffs.
Unique raincoats.
A unique system for changing the appearance of the armor / character.
Increased Chance Kraft Master Work on 5%.
Special store for Amber (PC Cafe points ) at Alt+В.
Olympiad shop (It sells rare items, for participation in the Olympiad).
The island of Hellbound is open and has 11 level.
A unique ACP-service.
Regular automatic Tournaments / Events with awards.
The Mana Potion restores MP like HP recovery cans.
Pleasant rewards in the PvP zone!
Qualitative support for players.

Do not list everything in order to see everything with your own eyes, just go into the game and plunge into the fairy world of our project. (And these are not just words, in the game you will encounter many trifles that will simplify the game for you).

- More information about the server: http://forum.destarion.com/topic/480-english-description-of-the-game-world-wind-x999/

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    • Instalei perfeitamente, sem nenhum erro o MOD de AURA   O MOD é o SEGUINTE: Index: config/fun/champion.properties =================================================================== --- config/fun/champion.properties (revision 694) +++ config/fun/champion.properties (working copy) @@ -41,4 +41,9 @@ ChampionRewardItemQty = 1 # Champion Mob Custom Title -ChampionTitle = Champion \ No newline at end of file +ChampionTitle = Champion + +# Enable aura from champion mobs +# 0 - no aura / 1 - blue aura / 2 - red aura +# Default = 0 +ChampionEnableAura = 0 \ No newline at end of file Index: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/Config.java =================================================================== --- head-src/com/l2jfrozen/Config.java (revision 694) +++ head-src/com/l2jfrozen/Config.java (working copy) @@ -1454,6 +1454,7 @@ public static int L2JMOD_CHAMPION_REWARD_ID; public static int L2JMOD_CHAMPION_REWARD_QTY; public static String L2JMOD_CHAMP_TITLE; + public static int L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA; //============================================================ public static void loadChampionConfig() @@ -1481,6 +1482,8 @@ L2JMOD_CHAMPION_REWARD_ID = Integer.parseInt(ChampionSettings.getProperty("ChampionRewardItemID", "6393")); L2JMOD_CHAMPION_REWARD_QTY = Integer.parseInt(ChampionSettings.getProperty("ChampionRewardItemQty", "1")); L2JMOD_CHAMP_TITLE = ChampionSettings.getProperty("ChampionTitle", "Champion"); + L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA = Integer.parseInt(ChampionSettings.getProperty("ChampionEnableAura", "0")); + if (L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA != 0 && L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA != 1 && L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA != 2) L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA = 0; } catch(Exception e) Index: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/network/serverpackets/NpcInfo.java =================================================================== --- head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/network/serverpackets/NpcInfo.java (revision 694) +++ head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/network/serverpackets/NpcInfo.java (working copy) @@ -193,7 +193,14 @@ writeD(0000); // C2 writeC(0000); // C2 - writeC(0x00); // C3 team circle 1-blue, 2-red + if (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE) + { + writeC(_activeChar.isChampion() ? Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA : 0); + } + else + { + writeC(0); + } writeF(_collisionRadius); writeF(_collisionHeight); writeD(0x00); // C4     Sabem se existe algum problema nele?
    • Proteção antiga, não funciona na metade dos windows 7 e alguns  windows 8.1 e windows 10. incompatibilidade do Delphi 7 para novos sistemas operacionais, quase deu fail em um server que fiz, olha que tinha  100 e poucos online, tive que desativar, funcionava para alguns, outros nem abriam.  
    • https://imgur.com/ocsr7L5 alguem poderia me ajudar com esse erro ?   Version: EP25_Global,BLS,V2110409,28 BuildDate: Thu Mar 24 02:18:31 2016 Time: 2019.4.20 19:40:58 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1] PosCode: 0:0:0 ZoneName:  OS: Windows 7(32) 6.1 (Build: 7601), Service Pack 1.0 CPU: GenuineIntel  Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E7500  @ 2.93GHz @ 2926 MHz RAM: 2037MB RAM CPUInfo: 2,2,2,0 Video: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family (1930), Direct X is ver 0.3, rev 65188 VideoResources: 0 MB MAC: 64-70-02-2C-C9-40 LANG: ENGLISH IME: ??? Error: StaticMeshActor Lobby01.StaticMeshActor1994: Serial size mismatch: Got 142, Expected 144 History: 
    • Substitue  o conteúdo dos arquivos authserver.bat e gameserver.bat por esses: authserver.bat @echo off title Login Server Console :start echo Starting L2J Auth Server. echo. java --enable-preview -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xmx256m -p ./lib -cp ./lib/* -m org.l2j.authserver/org.l2j.authserver.AuthServer if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto restart if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto error goto end :restart echo. echo Admin Restart ... echo. goto start :error echo. echo Server terminated abnormaly echo. :end echo. echo server terminated echo. pause   gameserver.bat: @echo off title L2 Classic: Seven Signs (Game Server) :start echo Starting GameServer. echo. java --enable-preview -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xms512m -Xmx2g -p ./lib -cp config;./lib/* -m org.l2j.gameserver/org.l2j.gameserver.GameServer if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto restart if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto error goto end :restart echo. echo Server restarted ... echo. goto start :error echo. echo Server terminated abnormaly ... echo. :end echo. echo Server terminated ... echo. pause  
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