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New x15 HighFive midrate on 23nd of March!

  Already Online Beta Version!

Long-term servers!

100% AntiBot!

5000+ Players Online!

Custom Community board and more!

Join us now and lets get some fun!

General rates and features:

EXP x15

SP x15

Adena x10

Drop chance x3

Spoil chance x3

RateRaidBoss x2

GroupDropItems x2

DropEpolets x2

QuestsDrop x3

QuestsRewardSp x1

QuestsRewardExp x2


Bufftime: 120minsMax Buff: 20 + 4Dances/Songs: 12


Max Enchant: +16

Safe Enchant: +3

Normal Scroll: 56%

ChanceBlessed Scroll: 60%

ChanceATTRIBUTESAttribute Stone: 30%

ChanceAttribute Crystal: 25%


Olypiad system chose every two weeks, on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Olympiad Arenas have HWID Protections to avoid players that play on same IP Adress.


♦ Team vs Team
♦ Capture the flag
♦ Domination
♦ Mass Domination
♦ DeathMatch
♦ Last man standing
♦ Advanced Team vs Team
♦ Lucky chests
♦ Zombies
♦ Mutant
♦ Treasure hunt
♦ Thunt pvp
♦ Hunting grounds
♦ Battlefields
♦ Mini events


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Precisando de Dedicado ou VPS?

Conheça a L2JCenter

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