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  1. melron

    Help compilar required: boolean

    You dont have to... I'm just saying that both cases are correct and effectiveness, independently of how much time will you spend.
  2. melron

    Help compilar required: boolean

    What will it break? Both cases are correct since you can change the signature of the method (alt + shift + c) and in 5 seconds the whole method will be changed with the new parameters and it will auto-find all previous methods and edit them by itself with the new structure of it 😄 so in a few words, drop the shit isOnline () which is returns int (wtf?) and make it returns boolean variable ...
  3. melron

    Help compilar required: boolean

    isOnline() method returns int value. so your check must be if (player.isOnline == 1) //online .... if (player.isOnline() == 0) //offline ..... another solution is to make a edit your method and make it returns boolean instead of int. public boolean isOnline() { return _isOnline; }
  4. melron

    Multisell error

    what you got there? also try to change the xml with a lower value for example 90005
  5. melron

    Multisell error

    Post your npc instance and the bypass of the button from the html
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