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  1. CriticalErr0r

    L2Fileedit Issue (Windows10)

    Hello guys how are you, well I don't know if anyone have installed Windows10 and try do customs for Lineage2, no matter chronicle, in my case Interlude, so I got that problem, after add a new line into my weapongrp, armorgrp or whatever line of my system, when try run client I got that: as can read there, is a Weapon Item Data Load the problem, for avoid spam,etc let me do examples of what I do. 1. With clean system + engine.dll unpacked to run in Windows10 the client run fine, developer console too. 2. I use about 10 L2FileEditors to test and no matter which one usem, If add a new line in weapongrp,armorgrp,etc no matter what line it's, I try using original lines from this dat files just changing ID in new line copying original of client and crash before load. PS: ok if somebody have a tip to make it work really grateful, I remember one time got this issue, but the fact is same L2FileEdit use in Windows7 work fine for me, and no no work.
  2. CriticalErr0r

    L2 Updater v2.0.2 Source

    google is your friend -.-
  3. CriticalErr0r

    [Interlude]Vesper Gold Armor

    nao tenho mais los arquivos, disculpen.
  4. CriticalErr0r

    L2.bin & Engine.dll Unpacked (Infinity Odyssey)

    no hay problema :D
  5. CriticalErr0r

    L2.bin & Engine.dll Unpacked (Infinity Odyssey)

    as title say, is unpacked files, no programs, don't know what mean with programs, but well enjoy it, maybe this is useful for someone.
  6. CriticalErr0r

    Weapongrp Infinity Odyssey

    Hello guys, well today I try open the weapongrp.dat of Infinity Odyssey Korean Client but I see can't be opened, so maybe somebody can give me a hand and can open it?
  7. CriticalErr0r

    System com "fonte" modificada !

    voce pode fazar em mismo, solo modificar LargeFont-r que esta dentro L2Font-r.utx, isso em, em logo voce fazar cualquier fuente.
  8. Hello guys, well I come this time with this share, I decide unpack l2.bin and engine.dll of latest infinity odyssey korean with protocol 39, ok I hope it helps, have fun.
  9. CriticalErr0r

    L2 Updater v2.0.2 Source

    you need a component for delphi, here you can found.
  10. CriticalErr0r

    CELineageEffect14 Weapon Pack (Interlude)

    Hello sorry but I can't told you how I do it, the effect I adapt is from original client, what I do is get unreal script + textures and compile it in new .u.
  11. CriticalErr0r

    CELineageEffect14 Weapon Pack (Interlude) PS: si alguien pode correguir link youtube, eu nao se codigo em foro para previsualizar- Credits by CriticalError
  12. CriticalErr0r

    Dragon Slayer With Effect (Interlude)

    ok fazado.
  13. CriticalErr0r

    Dragon Cry Weapons (Interlude) Credits by CriticalError
  14. CriticalErr0r

    Dragon Slayer With Effect (Interlude)

    link em mediafire up novamente.
  15. CriticalErr0r

    [Splash Screens][Qualquer Crônica]

    muito bom su trabalho, como siempre optimo.