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  1. google is your friend -.- https://www.google.com.br/?gws_rd=ssl#q=how+install+delphi+component
  2. Hello guys, well today I try open the weapongrp.dat of Infinity Odyssey Korean Client but I see can't be opened, so maybe somebody can give me a hand and can open it? https://cloud.mail.ru/public/6VHo/g6YTiqXC2
  3. voce pode fazar em mismo, solo modificar LargeFont-r que esta dentro L2Font-r.utx, isso em, em logo voce fazar cualquier fuente.
  4. you need a component for delphi, here you can found. http://ftp.sunet.se/delphi/ftp/d20free/imgbtn.zip
  5. Hello sorry but I can't told you how I do it, the effect I adapt is from original client, what I do is get unreal script + textures and compile it in new .u.
  6. http://ul.to/m36lxa5v PS: si alguien pode correguir link youtube, eu nao se codigo em foro para previsualizar- Credits by CriticalError
  7. Hello guys I present this AIO Pack I collect from my HDD, so here we go, have fun. Armors Set Evil (Interlude) Titanium Armor (C4) Titanium Ixion Armor (Interlude) Ultimatum Armor (Interlude) Vesper Orange Pack (MissCraft) (Interlude) Water And Fire Set (Interlude) Water Core Armor (Interlude) Weightless Armor (Interlude) Weapons Shi Vesper Weapons (Interlude) Silver Blue Weapons (Interlude) Tauti Frozen Weapons (Interlude) Tauti Weapon (Interlude) Terra Shield (Interlude) Tesla Weapon (Interlude) Unique Weapon Set (CT2.5) Weapon Ice (7) (Interlude) Weapon Pack by oFFSpring (Interlude) Weapons Fire (Interlude) Weapons Of The Snake (Interlude) Weightless Weapon (Interlude) Various Texture Giran [interlude] Textures Goddart [interlude] Textures Mutated Aden, Giran, Goddart (CT2.3) Textures New Year Coliseum Aden (CT2.3) PS: I don't put captures of all shares. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2ie496333es9042/CriticalErrorCompilationPack.7z Password: enjoybaby Credits: AvengersTeam, Nevesosma, Taio, Cleo Chaos Master, oFFSpring, Darksimonus and a lot ppl more can't remember now so if somebody remember some credits, you are free to reply and I will add it.
  8. Hello folks, well as title say here I share a custom work I do for private server L2Radiance, why share it? well simple the guy who buy me it never pay for that so he is scammer, so I decide share it with us, so hope like it and have fun with his items. Scammer Detected Joker On The Mix Info: From: Rumania Ok the pack contain: Raidboss Witch King Vampire Lord Dragon Lord NPC Dest Crystal Gatekeeper Samael Knight VK Kaia Freyja Janovia Hasmina Table Misc Items Adena: Gold Adena Icon Adena Mithril Adena Ancient Adena: Ancient Earth Adena Ancient Fire Adena Ancient Water Adena Coins: Buff Coin VIP Coin Clan Level Coin Clan Rep***tion Coin Donate Coin Offline Shop Coin Antharas Coin Baium Coin Frintezza Coin Orfen Coin Queen Ant Coin Valakas Coin Zaken Coin Tokens: Antharas Token Baium Token Frintezza Token Orfen Token Queen Ant Token Valakas Token Zaken Token http://uploaded.net/file/kqpjxnau Password: CriticalError
  9. Chronicle: Interlude Autor: me https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmg00wr7u3isick/Damnation%20Sword%20%28Interlude%29.7z
  10. voce ta acertado, nao trabalha, eu testeado com weapongrp em nada.
  11. aqui fica bom amigo, eu nao se porque voce nao pode saval arquivo :S
  12. aqui fix. http://www.mediafire.com/?1tjxfbkvhoc2o50
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