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    New Proyect L2jAdmins

    The project is a fork of L2jserver unstable based version of H5, we remain synchronized with l2jserver project. to keep the progress they made ​​q. But the project is not only that we also have the implementation of mods such as: - Event HappyHour -> Rates diferentes para cada dia de la semana con posibilidad de setear horarios de evento. -> Exp -> SP -> Drop rate Quest. -> Drop general. - Colour System title and name as many pvp and pk. - Show Screen message. - VoteReward Hopzone, Topzone, Top L2jBrasil y Top AdminsproL2 - Announcements forpvp y pk consecutivos + Animation. - Phoenix Event (source code). -> ipChecker -> Battlefield -> Bomb -> Campture Flag (CFT) -> Deat Match (DM) -> Team vs Team (TVT) -> Domination -> DoubleDomination -> Lucky Ches -> Mutant -> Russian Roulete -> Simon Say -> Zombie - AutoRestart GameServer. - Social Action. - Custom Title New Char. - Amount for pvp to use chat. - level necessary to use chat - Add system AIO. -> Restriction skill use outside peace zone. -> Restriction for atackar outside peace zone. -> Restriction to participate in Olympics. - Add system VIP. -> bonus exp -> bonus sp -> bonus drop de quest, raid y general. -> aura de Hero. -> Custom skills. - Add 13 Custom Clan Hall. - Sistema de restricción de cuentas por PC y/o por IP. - SellBuff (seating system to sell buffs). - System Champions y SuperChampions (aura/title/stat/drop.) - NPC Buffer con Scheme (java). - NPC Adventurer Guide Style GOD. - Drop Panel custom (shift+click). - Add Saving Santa. - Add MasterOfEnchanting. - Add Squash Event. - Add Npc GrandBoss Spawn Info. - *** - Add Instancia Zaken - Add Instancia Freya - Add Q10270 BirthOfTheSeed - Add Q00456 DontKnowDontCare - Add AI de Hellenark - Add AI de HolyBrazier - Add AI de Kechi - Add AI de Trex Our idea is to provide a project suitable for low-mid server-fast rates. SVN TIMELINE http://www.4shared.c...s_rev_160.html? Disculpen que publique el tema en ingles pero uso el traductor de google. Solo publico mi trabajo aqui porq alguna ves eh sacado cosas de aqui para mi mismo, asique me toca devolver un poco