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[Freya] BETA_L2jPandora Compiled

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BETA version L2jPandora (compiled)





* AntiFeed

* CaptchaSystem

* PK protection

* MultiboxesPerPC (Anti box PC)

* S.O.E. in PvP protection

* OverEnchant system

* Safe Admin system

* Bot Report

* Anti PHX

* Anti Walker (basic)

* PetitionFeedBack




* Advance system message via ExShowScreenMessage

* Welcome message

* Quick Info For Newbies

* Show Welcome PM on start

* Show welcome html

* PvP / PK Announce

* Welcome Special in video

* Announce Hero

* Announce when lord of the castle

* Announce Boss spawn in game




* Automatic active soulshots/spiritshots log in

* Custom title for news characters

* Custom spawn news characters

* Custom items news characters

* Distance from player for private store

* Consume (Soulshots, BlessedSpiritShots, Spiritshots) Configs


* Unstuck animation

* Fake Pcs




* Death Match Event (DM)

* Team Vs Team Event (TvT) + TvTEventRewardKill, TvTEventOnKill (killer's title)

* TvT Frag count system

* Hide And Seek Engine

* Capture The base

* PC Bang Event

* Kino Engine

* Champion mobs + Aura

* Leaderboards (Arena, Fisherman, Craft, TvT)

* Bloodshedparty

* Last Hero




* Crystal Enchant Chance

* Progressive enchanting system

* Skill enchanting maximum

* Custom Weapon PvP - Hero (Enchant, Element, Agument)

* Max Elemental In Armors e Weapons

* BreakEnchant




* Config for enter in Hellbound


* ITEM all in one (938)

* PvP Reward System

* PvP para chats (Shout, Trade)

* Custom clan leader color name

* PvP color system (name)

* Pk color system (title)

* Offline trade/craft

* Vote system HopZone/TopZone

* System Balance Classes / Class Settings

* Experience cmmd On/Off

* Banking System

* Change Password




* AltOlyEndDate = 1,15




* Delevel

* Donater manager (scripts)

* Rename

* Set nobles (PvP)

* Change Sexy




* admin_addaio

* admin_removeaio


* admin_reuse (skills)

* admin_addolypoints

* admin_removeolypoints

* admin_setolypoints

* admin_getolypoints

* admin_setnobles


* Expon/off


Algumas Imagens








Download rev 54



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Precisando de Dedicado ou VPS?

Conheça a L2JCenter

zync pode me dizer como funciona esse novo sistema de enchat e esse enchat break tambem pode me informar como funciona? e tambem se tem como add npcs pq eu tentei aqui deu erro nao conseguiu carregar os scripts de buff e mais uns outros eu mudei os imports mais nao funcionou mesmo assim... obrigado

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