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L2Skyline H5 x50

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Lineage 2 Skyline 

We understand that currently there are several servers out there that only seek to fill their pockets and open a chain of servers; however, we are a totally new server and we started this journey to differentiate ourselves from the rest.
We are a completely different project and while it is easy to say it with words, we are here to demonstrate through our server that we are different from the rest and to start a change.
We are aware that we may be attacked in every possible way to prevent our project from growing and expanding, but we have the necessary tools to prevent that from happening.
We are here to listen and be heard and we are open to all the varying opinions, suggestions, and any comments that are necessary for the growth and development of this project.

The means are these:

Web Skyline
Forum Registration:
Forum - Community
Discord Server: Here


Server General Rates

•Exp: x50
•Sp: x50
•Adena: x20
•Drop Chance: x15
•Spoil: x15
•Raid Drop: x15
•Epic Drop: x1
•Seal Stones: x10


Global Enchant Rates

•Safe Enchant: +4
•Max Enchant: +16 (First Month +12)
•Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 55%
•Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 65%
•Elemental Stone Chance: 50%
•Elemental Crystal Chance: 45%


Features - Information

•Maximum Client's Per PC: 5
• Gm-Shop on ALT+B
  •Sell Buff Store.
  •Scheme Buffer on ALT+B.
  •Achivements with Items & Fame rewards.
  •Events every 1 hr.
  •Ctrl +Click to Element
  •Comand to Streaming.
  •Foundry Foreman/Knoriks/LoA Mobs - Lethal/Anchor/Fear.  PTS Feauture
  •Moobs: PTS AI
  •Champions mob chance 3% .PTS Feauture
  •Champion min lvl 20.
  •Champion max lvl 75.
  •Cloak Slot open.
  •Clan Leave Penalty 12 hs.
  •Spoil Champions: x2.
  •Ctrl+Click Potions
  •LOA Quest (Dont Known - Dont Care) every 15 hours +- 2.
  •Skill Formula Oficial PTS Feauture
  •Freya Hard - Vorpal Zone - Disable on openning. Active after 10 & 7 days  
  •Hide Animations on Instances! See and Test InGame
  •Core & Orfen: Level 85 with Boosted Jewel Drop Core &Orfen 
  •Global PvP and Flag event.
  •Healers Rewards per assist's on Events.
  •Queen Ant - Display Damage Taken. See and Test InGame
  •Online Counter on Every Zone.
  •Two Global Votes
  •Cancel: 2-3 buff random
  •Cancel on events: Return on Events only.
  •Raid Bosses Event
  •Epics Antharas and  Valakas: 30 minutes after join.
  •Automatic Donate command .donate
  •1 Char per PC on Epic Zones.  Unique feature 100% to prevent bots.
  •Droplist Search Engine
  •Auction System


Buff Info

•Macro Profile Buffs at NPC
•2H Duration on all buff's , dances,songs,prophecies.
•Summon Buff's
•Buff Slot: 24(+4 Divine Inspiration)
•Dance/Song Slot: 12
•Char Buffs: 2Hour


Voice commands info

.siege (shows all sieges, schedules and allows registration)
.fort (Same as siege and allows registration)
.getreward (Command to get reward after vote on all server rankings)
.control (used to view the user interface with some options)
.password (used to change your current password for a new one)
.dressme (open the dressmes store)
.paypal (used to collect donations made it for paypal.)
.ping (give an estimated ping that you've from your"IP" to the server's ip.
.report (this command is used to report a player that may be a possible bot)
.itemlog (very useful command for check trades-drops-mailbox made it from your char)
.hwidlock (lock your char to the HWID, only the user who owns that HWID can remove it!)
.findparty (used to search party randomly)
.globalpvp (command used to go to the PvP event zone)
.npcspawn (used for clan owners inside the clan hall to spanw useful NPCs)
.online (shows online users of the server)
.poll (in case a GM opens a poll using that command, he can use this command to vote)
.tournament (command used to register in the GVG)
.wedding (command for marriage)
.7rb (command used to know what raidboss you need to kill to finish the quest "legendary tales")
.dailyquest (command to display daily type quests)
.combine (used to combine talismans)
.ach .achievement (list all available archievements to be completed)
.repair (in case your char is bug, critical error, inventory is filled use this command from a char within the same account)
.offline (to let your char in offline store, use the command and close the client)
.whoami (shows the stats of your pj defenses attributes etc.)
.teleport (open the server gatekeeper)
/hellbound (shows hellbound status)
/myteleport (open the tab for saved teleports)


Raid Boss, Epic Boss, Instance Info

•Antharas Respawn: 8 days ± 2 Hours Oficial TIME
•Valakas Respawn: 10 days ± 2 Hours
•Baium Respawn: 5 days ± 2 Hours
•Beleth Respawn: 192 Hours - 27 Players
•Queen Ant Respawn: 36 Hours ± 15 mins
•Request for Normal Freya = 9-27 Players
•Request for Hard Freya = 18-45 Players
•Request for Frintezza = 9-45 Players
•Request for Zaken Daytime 83LvL = 9-27 Players
•Request for Zaken Daytime 60LvL = 9-27 Players
•Request for Zaken Nightly 60LvL = 12-45 Players


Nobless Retail Quest Need

SubClass Free (No Quest)

.dressme with new costumes and comand to hide dress

Daily reward system

Daily quest system

Academy search system

Wedding System

1 Char per PC on Epic Zones.  Unique feature 100% to prevent bots

Auction Shop whit: Vote Coins - Donate Coins - Event Coins and more!


Olympiad Info
Fight Hours: 18:00 to 00:00 GMT+2
Olympiad Starts: 2 weeks after open.
Heroes every 15days/2weeks
Matchs per week: 60
Starting points: 25
Max Enchant on Olympiads: +6


Clan Information
Sieges every weeks
Territory Wards every weekend 
Schedule for Sieges: GMT +2
Schedule for TW: 18:00 to 20:00 GMT +2
Max Flags per Clan: 4  
Flags reset on every TW start 
Rewards for Killing on Siege/TW tradeable


Boost Ring of core < MP +21, Increase P. Atk. Resistance to sleep by +20%, Poison Resistance and Poison attack chance +20% and increase accuracy. When eqiupped with two identical rings, the effect of only one ring will be applied.>

Boost earing of orfen <MP +31, Increase Mental Resistance and M. Atk. Hold Resistance +10%, Bleed Resistance and Bleed power +20% Healing Power +6%, Skill MP Consumption -5%. When eqiupped with two identical earrings, the effect of only one earring will be applied. >




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It is not allowed to post the link (site) direct from the server, post the link by top l2jbr.

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