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L2j Multeria HF x10 Multiskill 28.01.2022


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--------BASIC INFORMATION-----------

Server Chronicles High Five
All additions are self-developed.
Max lvl 90
4 Branches of rebirth
New locations and monsters 90+
Auto-Farm System
Exp: x10
SP: x10
Adena: x2
Drop: x1
Spoil: x1
Seal Stones: x1
Quest Drop: от 1 до 2
Quest Reward: (Adena x4, Exp/Sp x2)
Epaulette Drop: x3
Classic multiprofa: you can study the skills of any profession
There is no penalty for drop and spoilage.
Basic buffs - 2 hours (including limits\totems, etc.)
Kamael Skills - 2 hours (Appetite,Protected,Vampire,Impulse)
Removed all requirements when applying buffs to weapons, as well as buffs requiring <30% HP baff at any level of health.
Maximum Buffs Limit - 65.
Maximum limit of imposed Debuffs - 8.
Maximum Dancing Limit/Songs - 24.
Maximum Trigger Limit - 7.
The difference between a player and a monster to get EXP,SP - 9 levels.
It is possible to increase the difference between the player and monsters to get EXP, SP at the expense of items and skills.
Redesigned mag files - if the level difference is greater than the set skill , it does not fail, but divides the damage by 2.
The difference between a player and a Raid Boss to get EXP,SP - 7 levels.
The difference between a player and a player in a party to get EXP, SP - 13 levels.
New raincoats, shirts, bracelets, hats with the possibility of sharpening and bonuses from sharpening.
Mobs from level 20 have an increase in stats +10% / from 40 to 50 +20% / from 50 to 60 +40% / from 60 to 80 +50% / from 80 to 85 +100%.
All raid / Epic bosses are enhanced and brought to the reality of multiprophs.
SS and BSS one view for all weapons.

1 prof - 50,000 Aden.
2 prof - 500.000 Aden.
3 profa - 25.000.000 Aden.
Sub Class - Full Quest + Alternative Quest
Nubles - Full Quest.
Nubles - has a recycled skill
Fortune of Nobless - increases the difference between the player and the monster to get EXP, SP by 9 levels.
All donat things can be obtained through the game.
Permanent auto-events.
From 1 to 3 Armor levels\Weapons\Jewelry of each grade!
New raincoats \ shirts\hats with the possibility of sharpening.



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