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Hello friends,

I'm proud to announce to you the beginning of MELIOR - Classic: Kamael 4.0 X3. The grand opening is scheduled for
OCTOBER 13, 2023
A brief description of the server:

skill_image.png Server Base Version: Classic: Kamael 4.0
cov.jpg Buffs/Dances/Songs/Prophecies
cov.jpg1, 2, 4 or 8 hours duration (still in discussion)
cov.jpg Total buff slots 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) And 12 Songs and Dances
cov.jpgThe buffs are accessible through ALT + B functionality in the game
auto.png Auto Loot for items from monsters and manual pickup for raid bosses
auto2.png Auto Loot system for adena from monsters
missions.png Mana Potions: Restores 1000 MP with 10s cooldown
transfer.png 1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfers are free!
pc.png Maximum Clients per computer: 2
learn.png Auto learn skills until level 76

Dynamic Stage System of Experience Rates

Dynamic stage system of experience rates was designed to satisfy both casual and competitive players! We understand that players spend most of their time levelling, and that can often be stressful. By implementing a stage system, we take that away and allow players to be more relaxed and engage more in other activities such as Player vs Player (PvP) combat. Another benefit of the stage system is that players joining after the server launch can catch up faster and have an impact! STAGE I will take effect with the grand opening of the server. The information on when stages will take place is going to be announced on our official discord!


Normal (XP/SP x3): 1-56 Lv.
Hard (XP/SP x1): 57-70 Lv.
Very Hard (XP/SP x0.1): 71-75 Lv.
Some high level zones will not be available from the beginning and will become available in future stages: Varka, Ketra, Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas, Imperial Tomb, Elemental zones.


Easy (XP/SP x7): 1-70 Lv.
Normal (XP/SP x3): 71-76 Lv.
Very Hard (XP/SP x0.1): 77-80 Lv.


Easy (XP/SP x7): 1-76 Lv.
Normal (XP/SP x3): 77-81 Lv.
Very Hard (XP/SP x0.1): 82 Lv. and higher


Easy (XP/SP x7): 1-81 Lv.
Normal (XP/SP x3): 82-84 Lv.
Very Hard (XP/SP x0.1): 85 Lv. and higher


Easy (XP/SP x15): 1-84 Lv.
Normal (XP/SP x3): 85 Lv. and higher
adena.png Adena: x1.5
drop.png Drop Chance: x1
spoil.png Spoil Chance: x1

Castle Reward Information

A player obtains a special passive skill that gives +10% Drop, Spoil & Adena rate when a player is in a clan that owns Giran Castle. The clan leader will automatically receive a daily mail with a cloak (either dark or holy) and L-Coin boxes. Clan members of a clan that owns a castle can now buy Aden Talisman, Eva`s Talisman and Talisman of Speed along with EXP scrolls in exchange for Castle Coins! Castle cloak has been improved in order to attract even more people to participate in castle sieges. Castle cloak is now better than the one you can purchase with L-Coins. These are the improved characteristics:

  • HP/MP/CP +7%;
  • P. Def +5%;
  • M. Def +5%

Enhancement of Zones & Events

Increased monster count and decreased respawn time of monsters across the map for a more comfortable gameplay!

All participants in Team Vs Team / Korean Style / Death Match events will now also receive a `Melior Chest Event`, which contains Daddy`s Home Ball Run and Farm Rune (1-Hour). The rewards of these events are not final and will change as the server progresses through stages.


Reworked Missions

Some of the rewards from Missions were unnecessary. Instead, we replaced unnecessary items from Missions with useful and beneficial items. For example,
  • Removed buff scrolls;
  • Removed 2 hour 100% XP rune;
  • Added temporary Epic Jewels stage 2 on levels 78-80;
  • Added temporary Dolls on levels 87-89;
  • Added 12 8,000 L-Coin boxes to level 90 reward.

Random Craft

The main ideas of random craft are as follows
  • Random Craft allows characters to create various items: weapons, armor, enchant scrolls, epic accessories and other items;
  • Random Craft doesn’t require special recipes, just adena and crafting points;
  • You can take apart various items, for example, materials, weapons and armor, including enchanted items to obtain crafting points;
  • The Random Craft window shows 5 random items in slots;
  • Random Craft consumes 1,000,000 adena and 1 crafting point, and the character can receive 1 out of 5 items from the list. The probability is the same for all items;
  • B-grade items will be available from the start of the server.


Ranking System

The main ideas of the ranking system are as follows
  • The Ranking system gathers information about the levels of all characters on a server and among a specific race as well;
  • Top characters in the rank receive buffs. The buffs are applied according to the character’s place in the rank during our daily restart;
  • For the 1st rank on the server the "Rank 1” label is awarded. A character which obtained the 1st place among its race the "Race 1" label;
  • Chat messages of the 1st-3rd rank characters are marked with the bronze cup symbols;
  • Players at the top of their race receive race transformations (see the figure below).


... and other features!

See you all on the battlefield!


L2Crystal reserved

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    • @Kelvin, mesmo efetuando o download do plugin acima, ou trazendo ele junto com a importação do kit, não trouxe os cabeçalhos e rodapés. O que poderia ser?
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    • Hola, ¿tienes un comando de voz para este código?      package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.taskmanager;   import java.util.logging.Logger; import net.sf.l2j.Config; import net.sf.l2j.commons.util.ArraysUtil; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.enums.ZoneId; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.Creature; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.Player; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.holder.IntIntHolder; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.skills.L2Skill; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.skills.effects.EffectTemplate; public class AutoPotionTask implements Runnable  {     protected static final Logger _log = Logger.getLogger(AutoPotionTask.class.getName());     private int itemId;     private Player player;     private static final int[] HP_POTION_SKILL_IDS = new int[]{2031, 2032, 2037};     public AutoPotionTask(int itemId, Player player)      {         this.itemId = itemId;         this.player = player;     }     @Override     public void run()      {         if (player.isInOlympiadMode())          {             player.sendMessage("You cannot that in olympiad mode.");             player.stopAutoPotion(itemId);             return;         }                  if (player.isInJail() || player.isInsideZone(ZoneId.JAIL))          {             player.sendMessage("You cannot that in Jail mode.");             return;         }         if (Config.AUTO_POTIONS_LIMITS.containsKey(itemId))          {             String type = ((String[])Config.AUTO_POTIONS_LIMITS.get(itemId))[0];             int val = Integer.parseInt(((String[])Config.AUTO_POTIONS_LIMITS.get(itemId))[1]);             switch (type)              {                 case "CP":                 {                     if (!(player.getStatus().getCp() / (double)player.getStatus().getMaxCp() * 100.0 > (double)val)) break;                     return;                 }                 case "HP":                  {                     if (!(player.getStatus().getHp() / (double)player.getStatus().getMaxHp() * 100.0 > (double)val)) break;                     return;                 }                 case "MP":                  {                     if (!(player.getStatus().getMp() / (double)player.getStatus().getMaxMp() * 100.0 > (double)val)) break;                     return;                 }             }         }         if (!player.destroyItemByItemId("auto potion use", itemId, 1, null, true))          {             player.stopAutoPotion(itemId);             player.sendMessage("Incorrect item count.");             return;         }         if (player.getInventory().getItemByItemId(itemId) == null)          {             player.stopAutoPotion(itemId);             return;         }         IntIntHolder[] skills = player.getInventory().getItemByItemId(itemId).getEtcItem().getSkills();         if (skills == null)          {             _log.info("{} doesn't have any registered skill for handler." + player.getInventory().getItemByItemId(itemId).getName());             return;         }         for (IntIntHolder skillInfo : skills)          {             EffectTemplate template;             L2Skill itemSkill;             if (skillInfo == null || (itemSkill = skillInfo.getSkill()) == null) continue;             if (!itemSkill.checkCondition((Creature)player, (Creature)player, false))              {                 return;             }             if (player.isSkillDisabled(itemSkill))             {                 return;             }             if (itemSkill.isPotion() || itemSkill.isSimultaneousCast())              {                 player.getAI().tryToCast((Creature)player, itemSkill, false, false, itemId);             }              else              {                 player.getAI().tryToCast((Creature)player, itemSkill, false, false, itemId);             }             int skillId = skillInfo.getId();             if (!ArraysUtil.contains((int[])HP_POTION_SKILL_IDS, (int)skillId) || skillId < player.getShortBuffTaskSkillId() || (template = (EffectTemplate)itemSkill.getEffectTemplates().get(0)) == null) continue;             player.shortBuffStatusUpdate(skillId, skillInfo.getValue(), template.getCounter() * template.getPeriod());         }     }     public int getItemId()      {         return itemId;     } }  
    • @Ivan Pires como está as entregas automáticas desse painel?
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