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  1. Asuki

    Projeto By Asuki

  2. Asuki

    Projeto By Asuki

    The project is at an advanced stage, I want to say that the project I do not do alone, the new system will work only with the server files that my friend (the best dev java) does. Not only does it want the system to be perfect, but server files are also perfect (better than l2off). Why is this IL project coming up?: Because I think Interlude chronicle is the best in terms of playability and balance, and a lot of servers are created. The problem is that all of the Interlude server files have a lot of bags and many things do not work properly (skili engine, geoengine, AI and many other things), even l2off files are not great. The combination of the best private server in the world and the new system (ordinary system, without custom will weigh about 250 mb, the system works with Interlude client files (no need to download new chronicle)), causes the project to stand out from all servers. I think that very good server files and a refreshed look of the game will make it easier to enjoy the game on the old Lineage 2 chronicle. I know there's a classic chronicle, but it's a different game than the interlude, and private servers are not half done well either and playing on an official x1 server is very heavy and sometimes boring. I'm going to be showing movies on my YT channel for further work on the project sorry for language but I'm using google translator
  3. Asuki

    Fafurion weapons H5 and IL Download H5 and IL:!EUYjFaJL!EhOTO_E8ZOZv9zXKx5cqClgOHOS8J2RfDkj9x8ozC6g
  4. Asuki

    Fafurion weapons H5 and IL Download H5 and IL:!EUYjFaJL!EhOTO_E8ZOZv9zXKx5cqClgOHOS8J2RfDkj9x8ozC6g
  5. Asuki

    Mod abnormal effect interlude client

    Download Interlude:
  6. Asuki

    Hero visual mod effect Interlude client

    Fix all effect bugs IL client Download Interlude:
  7. Asuki

    Strider IL from L2 Revolution

    Strider is adapted from L2 Revolution to Interlude client Download IL:
  8. Asuki

    Visul hero effect - H5

    Update Effect for clinent H5 and Epilogue Download:
  9. Asuki

    Visul hero effect - H5 Download:
  10. Asuki

    Sword and Dagger - Asuki performance

    Hi, my next model made for new engines of the game. I adapted it to the old engine l2. The design of the model drew my wife, and I did it a little to my model. Work H5 and IL client. Download:
  11. Asuki

    Shield H5_IL Create Asuki

    My first model made from the beginning. The model is made for new engine games (Unreal Engine 4, Unity 4), I adapted the model and textures to the old unreal engine 2 downloads Unreal Engine 4 + Lineage 2: Video:
  12. Asuki

    Tauti Weapons Download H5-Interlude
  13. Asuki

    Kain Swords And Effect Interlude

    IL client, have fun. Download IL:
  14. Asuki

    Kain Swords and effect

    H5 client, have fun. Download:
  15. Asuki

    School outfit for H5

    Present school outfit for H5, all race Download: Print :