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NPC - Darion for C4

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Hello community, I share this npc for C4 (easily adapts to other clients)

Brings the NPC: Animation with sounds, without particular effects.


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    • ola galera queria pedir ajuda de vcs... estava editando os status das armas em meu server ... ate ai blz... dei rr pra ve como ficou e as armas bugaram... sumiu do meu inventario e do npc... nao da pra cria por id tbm... aparece codigo inexistent... e nao consigo add elas denovo... alguem sabe como resolver esse poblema ai ...
    • Merry Christmas   Santa’s trusty assistant, Noellie has been dispatched to spread some holiday cheer this Christmas. You can find Noellie at the heart of Giran amidst the Elder Christmas Tree. Make a wish to Santa and just maybe, if you’ve been good, your wish will come true!   Christmas Trees
      Noellie can craft bright and festive Christmas Trees with the right materials. The monsters roaming Aden and Elmore are rumored to have just what she needs, including fir tree branches and ornaments. Gather these pieces from the monsters, and give them to Noellie to create your very own Christmas Tree! To make an ordinary Christmas Tree, you will need the following materials: 4 Bead Ornaments 4 Star Ornaments 10 Fir Tree Branches 1 Flower Pot If you give Noellie 10 ordinary Christmas Trees, she can work her magic to turn them into a spectacular Special Christmas Tree! Those who rest under the branches of a Christmas Tree will gain a special blessing!    Christmas Tree Blessing – For 2 hours, changes your appearance to that of a Santa costume, increases amount of Blood Stones and Adena acquired by 20%, fully restores Vitality and maintains it.    Special Christmas Tree Blessing – For 2 hours, changes your appearance to that of a Santa costume, increases amount of Blood Stones and Adena acquired by 50%, fully restores Vitality and maintains it.   Christmas Trees can be summoned anywhere, but you will not receive the tree’s magical benefits if it is summoned within a peace zone.   Christmas Wishes
      Noellie is accepting wishes from adventurers all over Aden! Players may submit any sort of wish they like. Be it personal, something they would like to see on PlayINERA, or just a general wish! Holiday Buff
      Noellie will also provide adventurers with a special holiday blessing once every 12 hours:
         Holiday Festival – For 1 hour, Max HP, MP and CP are increased; P. Def., Movement Speed, P. Atk., and M. Atk. are increased; MP consumption for skills is decreased.   Santa’s Gifts  
      Santa will be doing his rounds every day until the end of the year.
      He will surprise a random adventurer across Aden with a gift once every hour.

      In order to be eligible for Santa’s gifting round, players have to be in combat, outside of a peace zone and not have been visited by Santa in the last 12 hours.

      Make sure you accept Santa’s gift before he disappears!   Event Schedule
      The event begins on December 17, 2018 after the server restart, and ends on January 1 00:00, 2019. Noellie will remain in Giran until January 8, 2019. The INERA team wishes all of our players a very safe and happy holiday season!
    • Boa Noite alguem Teria os Link dessa Rev Ou Ela Que POssa Me passa     
    • Hello guys :) check out our new creature movement system: You can test it :)