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[CLASSIC INTERLUDE] Play Lineage 2 ⭐ OPENING 21/10/2022 ⭐


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Hello everyone, here i come to introduce our Low rate Hardcore Server project.


Welcome to the World of Lineage 2

Our project is based entirely on chronicle interlude, But with some Classic stuff

and with some unique things never seen on other servers.


Opening and Beta test Informations




REJWUL9.jpgMain information:

  • Rates: EXP x0.1, SP x0.5, Drop x0.3, Spoil x0.5, Adena x0.3, Raid Boss x0.8, Seal Stones x0.7, Quest x0.3
  • The duration of the buffs: Retail
  • Class Spoiler added new skill:br_skill0444_a.png Festive Sweeper (Level 28 need Fighterbook)
  • Warrior MP Recovery Potion etc_lesser_potion_blue_i00.png (40mp) can only be achieved via Attendence Check and Missions
  • All Fighter Classes had their skills added to the "Fighterbook"
    Several starting skills and first professions will be possible to buy from the NPC like spellbooks. Some specials will be drop only.
    —— Drop List [HERE SOON]
  • ONLY 1 BOX per PC


g_pledge_bracelet_01.pngClassic Stuff:

  1. etc_rbracelet_c_i00.pngBracelets:
    Iron Bracelet, Bronze Bracelet, Steel Bracelet, Bracelet of Duty and Bracelet of Authority.
    —— You get them Iron Bracelet, Bronze Bracelet, Steel Bracelet in MIssions lv40, 52 and 61. 
     At the moment it's the only way to get them, we don't recommend compounding initially.
    —— You get them Bracelet of Duty when join in a clan.
    —— You can't obtain the Bracelet of Authority at the time.

  2. bm_pendant_pve.png Pendants:
    We will have available (a few weeks after launch) several types of pendants that will be obtained via Missions, Drops, Raid Drops.

    —— Fire Dragon Pendant, Water Dragon Pendant, Wind Dragon Pendant and Land Dragon Pendant.
  3. bm_vallakas_belt.png Belt:
    We will have available (a few weeks after launch) several types of Belts that will be obtained via Missions, Drops, Raid Drops.
    —— Belt, Rag Belt, Leather Belt, Iron Belt, Mithril Belt, Fire Dragon Belt and Land Dragon Belt.
  4. bracelet_tersi_agathion.png Agathions:
    Initially we will only have the Agathion of Singer and Dancer to help with the levelup among others. Duration of 7-days.
  5. g_rune_eolh_lv01.png Weapon Rune and  Soul Crystal:
    —— Runes: They will be available depending on server progress.
    —— Soul Crystal will be available in traditional interlude mode (leveling up by mobs/boses).
  6. vesper_cloack_i00.png Cloaks:
    —— Only by Events or Missions.
  7. etc_bm_brooch_lavianrose_i00.png Brooch:
    We will have available (a few weeks after launch) several types of Brooch that will be obtained via Missions, Drops, Raid Drops.
    —— Jade, Vital, Topaz, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Aquamarine, Emerald, Blue and Red Cat,s Eye





About Attendence Check:


Current Attendance Check rewards may change as the server progresses.


About Missions:



Many quests, whether level, daily, weekly or even unique are waiting for you!



skillraid.png Raid Bosses and Epic Bosses:

—— Retail Spawn


etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png Clan and Party Limits:

  1. Clan Limit: 20 Players
    —— Clan Penalty
    — Clan Dissolve: 24h
    — Clan Disband: 6h
    — Clan Disband Cancel Penalty: 6h
    — Ally Leaved: 6h
    — Dissolved Ally: 6h
    — Player Leave Clan: 6h
    —— Academy Limit: 20 Players
    —— Royal Limit Members: 10 Players

    —— Knight Limit Members: 5 Players
  2. Alliance: 1
  3. Party Limit: 5 Players

accessory_crown_i00.png Siege:

—— They will be active from the start of the game.


etc_ssq_scroll_i00.png Seven Sings:

—— It will be available in 2 weeks after opening.


skill1374.png Olympiads:

—— Disabled, will depend on server progression.









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