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    • By junin00
      O proprietário prometeu a cada 10 revisões, os recursos das revisões antigas serão compartilhados.
      Link Source 2.0

      Esse é compilado da revisão atual compartilhado do forum deles.

      Link Build 3.1
      #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.0: #--------------------- Fixed MissQueen in Talking Island, for some reason the spawn was on the roof. Some configs have been translated, the rest will be translated further. Config for endless nipples and arrows. Implementation of Voiced commands (so far only a template and only 1 .online command has been added). (needed for multilingualism). Transferring about 30 old fixes (without commits), I just know the fixing of bugs related to the attack of characters. #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.1: #--------------------- If you spam the "any skill" button into a mob and at the same time move somewhere, your Persian will freeze and stake until you take yourself into the target. (FIX) You cannot sit on the throne (knocks out a mistake in the GS) (FIX). Fixed skill Fist Fury (gave effect to all weapons, now only knuckle dusters). Correction of skills Fire Vortex, Wind Vortex, Dark Vortex, Light Vortex, Ice Vortex. #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.2: #--------------------- Cut out mariadb, returned mysql-connector-java. (don't even ask why or why). When you buff or heal RB (which has lvl lower than yours by 9), an anchor should be hung (not fat). (FIX) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8lemrgOELk Receiving an error in the console when buffed to a low-level RB. (FIX). Getting an error in the console when attacking a low-level RB. (FIX). + with different weapons (FIX). Lard is hanged for helping low-level players. (heal in a party for example). (FIX) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD-Sq8S9J3E If a skill has a <player hp = "60" /> tag after the trigger, it does not update the character's stats, but the stats change. You should also write a message that the effect has started or ended. On other builds this message is ID: 1133 (since HP has decreased, the effect of $ s1 can be felt.) And ID: 1134 (since HP has increased, the effect of $ s1 will disappear.) (FIX). Fixed auto-attack on the character (previously, for some reason, it did 1 hit and stopped). (FIX). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.3: #--------------------- Fixed a problem with the peaceful zone (it was impossible to beat NPCs and monsters in the peaceful zone). Config for changing the MONTH / DAY / WEEK Olympiad period (month, day, week). Lard is hanged for helping low-level players. (minor adjustments - now the fat is hung up for the buff and works outside the party, respectively). Added AI Frintezza (+ penetration implementation). It still needs a lot of work - but it is already working. Quest Tutorial (rewritten into more sane code, but needs some work and fixes). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.4: #--------------------- * By off, players who have been banned should simply be thrown out of the game, not crashed. * By off, it is forbidden to call a pet in battle. + New AI BrekaOrcOverlord, CatsEyeBandit, DeluLizardmanSpecialAgent, DeluLizardmanSpecialCommander, KarulBugBear, OlMahumGeneral, ScarletStokateNoble, TimakOrcSupplier, TimakOrcTroopLeaderF TurekOrcrc (we will replenish). + Config setting the time of buffs (on request). + Quest Tutorial is completely fixed, functions as it should. * Skill Sweeper, it should absorb when sharpening HP, ie work like DRAIN + there is no sharpening to absorb MP What's new in version 1.3 * Fixed a problem with a peaceful zone (it was impossible to beat NPCs and monsters in a peaceful zone). + Config for changing the period of the Olympiad MONTH / DAY / WEEK (month, day, week). * Lard is hanged for helping low-level players. (minor adjustments - now the fat is hung up for the buff and works outside the party, respectively). + Added AI Frintezza (+ implementation of penetration). It still needs a lot of work - but it is already working. + Quest Tutorial (rewritten into more sane code, but needs to be improved and corrected). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.5: #--------------------- ! Now the build starts with Java 14. ! Upgrade to aCis 391. + now the chat shows where the htm file is located. (more for convenience, for admins). * Corrections in AI, correcting flooding in chat. * TP from Dion Fortress of Resistance (was not the correct point). (Thanks Gauri). + Time and date in the console (more for convenience). * Fixed the initial quest, previously called immediately (now as it should). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.6: #--------------------- Fixed TP coordinates in Seal of Shilen. Fixed TP coordinates in Silent Valey. Fixed TP coordinates in Hot Springs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyVtyNvnkFI - FIX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBB6Mc3cFq0 - FIX Fixed https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php?topic=10624.0 - FIX Improvement of Bluff, now deploys the target normally. Added missing NPC_IDs in multisell 1001 Fixed problem with picking up items from the ground (earlier, during picking up there was a slight stupor and movement was delayed.). (Thanks to James). quest Q127 - no reward. (Thanks to James). Corrected http://joxi.ru/52aBa1vUbYkE4A (Thanks to James). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.7: #--------------------- Fixed a problem with archers (previously, for some reason, they ran to the target, for example, which was killed), although it should remain in the range. Added config level up to which (inclusive) gatekeepers are free. (Thanks to James) Fixed Lottery Ticket Seller in Elves, Dwarves and Dark Elves town (previously there were Orcs). (Thanks to James) Added max level config to enter Cruma Tower. Added missing items from the pet item vendor (in Gludio). Fixed pagan (previously it was possible to pass without a quest). (+ throws it into the city if there is no quest item). Fixed TP coordinates in Outlaw Forest (Thanks Gauri) Fixed TP coordinates in Pavel Ruins (Thanks Gauri) Fixed TP coordinates in Skyshadow Meadow (Thanks James) Fixed TP coordinates in Antharas Lair (Thanks James) Translated spawnlist_4s.sql -> spawns4s.xml Fixed character can no longer fall under textures (rarely, but it happened - you could 4-5 minutes to run under the map, and had to do a teleport. Fixed a problem with freezing (when the character fell from a height). The next AI fixes, optimized for the style of the aCis themselves (also, the chances of messages are cut in 2) were checked on PTS. Fixed Song of Renewal incorrect cooldown . (Thanks Gauri) Fixed it is impossible to speak with pets in the city. (near sellers for pets). Added a drop multiplier for items with GrandBoss (on request). Now from the game, you can open the htm file. (the NPC you need). (more for convenience, for admins). Added AI for some monsters in GFG (which reproduce). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.8: #--------------------- * Mobs, now you can spoil, manure the dead. (the problem came from me when I was fixing dead target and distance issue). * Problem with manor (duplicate lines + mos belongs to the rune, it was previously gdd). * The problem with the dino island (now belongs to the rune). * Some corrections for manor (duplicate lines removed). * Soul Crystal, not working right. * Huge reworking of all teleports (all points are taken directly from the PTS + adjusted prices for all teleports (previously it was x2)). + Offline trade (by popular demand). * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7oE5Ue5ytA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cj8ss-kqSE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyvBVCxpYac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZkCEn225J8 + Turn the character towards the NPC when talking. * Several NPCs were in the air. * Guards on sieges (now appear correctly + fixed guards in the rune, which for some reason were missing in the spawnlist aCis). * Major changes to the initial quest, now works correctly. * FakeDeath (for some reason, the character who was killed, got up after death and remained in this position). * A message about the incorrect target should be written only to a dead target. (for us, it was written without a target). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 1.9: #--------------------- Upgrade to aCis 392. Added herb drop from gremlins (PTS). Fixed character rotation when using the skill (previously it worked in aCis, after update 392 - it was broken). Removed flood protector of skills and actions. Optimization of the code (fixes) that were added earlier. Minor adjustments to the spawnlist (in particular, added unworthy NPCs on sieges). Correction of teleports when using skills (skill spam). (jerks). ForgeOfTheGodMonsters AI adjustments. It's time to return mariadb (it won't affect the work in any way, but there are plans). If you fly to the POI to the baium on a wyvern, the TP should take place to the city. Fixed a bug where, when using a skill on a guard, it could hang a fat or an anchor (appeared after fixing the RB). Added test quests 501 and 503 for 4 and 5 clan lvl, you need a good test. Added config for chat (shaun and trade can be made global + level check). (on request). Fixed a problem with the flag on the siege (when you spawned the flag, the siege would freeze and not end). The problem is fixed that you cannot teleport to the city where the castle is under siege. Fixed a problem with the initial buff (previously for some reason 1-2 buffs were buffed). The price for all night teleports has been corrected, the price should be x2 less. Huge AI rework for frinteza (test required). True siege guards were previously removed after the siege was completed, but then immediately appeared (after 392). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.0: #--------------------- 1) Fixed CA. (did not swing before, appeared in 1.9 after fixing the cast time). 2) Replaced the buffer with a more functional one. (more advanced functionality, many asked). 3) Fix the Olympics, now the character appears at the place from which he flew away, and not a random point in the city. (by PTS). 4) Removed the price of a free teleport. (PTS should be without price). 5) Htm from quests 501 and 503. (I forgot to add in previous revisions). 6) Added service "premium item". (on request). 7) Fixed a problem with malaria. (previously did not work for the player). 8)Fixed mysql path on mariadb. (in the base installer). 9) Fixed SevenSigns (now mobs appear correctly depending on the period). 10) Fixed bug with OfflineTradersTable (null). 11) Fixed a problem with the cast of the seals of the castle (the target is not visible, after update 393). 12) Removed Voiced VoiceBuff command. (there are too many questions about it). 13) Fixed a problem with the SummonFriend skill. (didn't work at all). 14) Fixed a bug with the quest Q501_ProofOfClanAlliance (null). 15) Editing the night teleport. "The Gatekeeper's general teleport fee is discounted at 50% from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM (midnight) CST (8:00 PM GMT + 1 to 12:00 AM GMT + 1 on the Teon and Franz servers). Sundays and Saturdays are exceptions. " + fixed all prices. 16) Fixed a problem with the use of skills (when the character turned in one direction). 17) Fixed a problem with pets (it was impossible to use food). 18) Rift fix. (it was impossible to get to Anacasel). 19) Fix caste for magicians. 20) Added .expon and .expoff commands (by popular demand). 21) Fixed a serious bug with AutoLoot - earlier it was allowed to take things with more inventory capacity (120 \ 80). Now, when the limit is reached, things fall to the ground. 22) Fixed the work of Frintezza (after updating aCis). 23) Cleaned the HS from flooding (a lot of unnecessary information). 24) Now SuperHaste will not fall off (when you climb or climb a mount). (on request). 25) Full correction of raid bosses (the correct work of his curses if the difference in lvl is more than 9). 26) Fixed problem with WalkerRoutes (walking NPCs). (earlier they twitched somehow incomprehensibly). 27) Turn on clan quests by default. (501, 503 - on tests they showed themselves normally). 28) Minor adjustments to FakeDeath. (now works correctly). 29) Fixed problem with Premium (sometimes caused null). 30) Fixed problem with Premium (enabled even when disabled). 31) ItemHandler for BreakingArrow (works + - as it should). (Who does not understand, arrows for frint in addition to the script itself). 32) Fixed buffs in bufferSkills.xml (ready-made sets). - Thanks James. 33) Fixes for Elpy (experience and SP were not accrued). 34) According to PTS, skills with type TARGET_ONE (skillType) cannot be used on NPCs. 35) Fixed Chapel Guard in Pagan (must not move around the PTS). 36) Fixed announcements, after reboot old ones were also loaded. (// reload). 37) Correction in Benom timer (it was 2.4 hours, should be 24). (Benom appears in the Rune Castle dungeon 24 hours before a siege war. The defending side can teleport to the dungeon and raid the monster until a siege begins.) 38) aCis update 393. #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.1: #--------------------- Fixed some NPCs in the Q620_FourGoblets quest (target is not visible). Fixed slip effect (after restart). Corpse Burst skill fixed (for nekra). Fixed a visual bug (2 adena). The stats of the shooting gallery have been fixed (probably x5 was overstated). SevenSignsSpawnManager some spawn fixes. SignsPriest bugs fixed. GamePacketHandler (Fixed Login Warning, there was a wrong config). Fixes for the quest Q501_ProofOfClanAlliance. Updating aCis 394. Server hangs (2 cases fixed, not the fact that we will stop there). Problems with Walker npc, mobs correctly return to the spawn point. Small fix of water (slightly better, but not cake yet). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.2: #--------------------- Updated library mariadb-java-client-2.6.1 -> mariadb-java-client-2.7.0 Fix for mmocore (trying to avoid freezes). - anyone interested in a video about the problem is on the aCis forum. Updating aCis 395. Offline_trade Adjustments: Fixed bug in buying (missing 1 column in sql). Fixed a bug when the Russian title was not saved in the database. - Thanks to Sanya for the report. The .online command, like others, can be disabled and enabled (upon request). Nice fix, the GM char can be exited or re-entered during combat. (on request). Correction for the manor (the code is slightly optimized, and the seed.xml is corrected). Captcha for the bot (by popular demand). Many small errors and typos in the code have been fixed + the code has been optimized. Some parts of the code have been translated for java 14 (we are starting to translate the code a little) . #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.3: #--------------------- Due to the release of 396 aCis, I had to post 2.3 ... (the update is just huge). They just made complete nonsense as usual ... (just renamed everything). Update aCis 396 (do not ask my comments, there will be a lot of obscenities). Fix offline traders. (from 2.2). Separated ru \ en configs (stand by RU). Captcha for bots (fix for Linux systems), the old one for some reason did not work (only caused a freeze). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.4: #--------------------- Replaced premium item with premium account. Corrections and errors after aCis update. Fixed a problem with zaken (previously thrown a normal player). Fixed some NPCs in castles (rune, godart, shoutguard). Added missing npc in junkgart and rune. Fixed issue with deleteMe for npc - Possessor of a Precious Soul (242). Fixed miss formula (works more correctly). Trade fix (if you hit the character, he will get up and it will be impossible to interact with him). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.5: #--------------------- NPC belonging to the castle (seller of the clan of things in Rune). Fixed 2 RB (impossible to attack with melee). Correction for PTS (a player who sits on a trade should not get up after a hit), as well as a player who sits on a trade and received damage (can get up from a trade, but cannot sit down until the timer has passed). Aden cannot be sold to the store (via PTS). Errors with a premium account when creating a character. Completion of configs (missed earlier). Edit premium configs (floating point support). Premium account adjustments. Returned the fix back, if the skill has the tag <player hp = "60" /> after the trigger, it does not update the character stats, but the characteristics change. (also added messages about receiving the effect and when the effect leaves). Update aCis 397 Seven Signs adjustments. By PTS up to 40 lvl, teleports are free. #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.6: #--------------------- AttackPTS config (enables or disables PTS attack). Corrections for polearm (now does not hit its own). Free teleport up to lvl 40 (after aCis fixes, everything broke). Item ID // info (earlier item ID was not specified). Traveler weapons cannot be sharpened. (according to TCP). - Implemented a new parameter in the datapack is_enchantable (disable sharpening). Added spoil for: Needle Stakato Soldier - 21515, Needle Stakato Drone - 21517, Frenzy Stakato Drone - 21519. FuncEnchant optimization. Fixed a problem with skillMastery (the rollback itself worked, but was not visually displayed). Fixed a problem with Augmentation (namely with active skills, after using a skill, the weapon could not be removed before relog). Fixed bug in offline trade. aCis 398. And many small fixes and fixes after updates from aCis 398. #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.7: #--------------------- Missed points 398 and code edits. Turn on frint by default. (previously disabled). 2 new configs: - while the bug report is empty, we will add a little functionality to the assembly (not affecting the operation of the assembly itself). 1) Multiclass 2) Allow the player to add / change a subclass for all village masters - Minor edits of SevenSigns. (namely spawn mobs). Minor tweaks to Premium account. Fixed CursedWeapon (message about the time when you pick up a weapon), also fixed the message when you enter the game (by PTS). Now toggle skills are not canceled when picking up CursedWeapon (by PTS). Fix for Augmented weapons. Now buffs and changes weapons without issue. Save after restart .expon .expoff Items_delayed table. Correction for ships. (previously caused 100% load per percent). Fix for Frintezza (code optimized, superfluous removed). Fixed a bug where the character could die when using Body to Mind. Fixed a bug, according to PTS, a CA can be inserted into the augmented weapon. The character should not stop the movement when we are waiting for the bar xp, mp, cp. Fixed a problem with dressing augmented weapons. Optimization of RequestUnEquipItem. Changed items and prices at OlympiadManagerNpc now fully match PTS. Reworked ShortCut now Augmented weapons are displayed correctly. (according to PTS, Augmented weapons were not displayed earlier or not). Buff and regen on Olympus must be before the start of the battle (according to PTS). reworking soulCrystals.xml now the chances correspond to 100%, previously 1000%. By PTS, teleport to the arena takes 60 seconds, we have 30. (PTS). Admin command // show_cached CachedData system. (for saving .menu options). Buffer fix, now a single and a set of buffs also require a price (specified in xml). Removed ExpCommandEnabled config. Removed .expoff .expon commands (shifted to .menu); Removed serverpackets ShortCutDelete, use ShortCutInit instead (fixes issue with displaying items in shortcade). Added check for active skills checkCondition. Fixed skill Force Blaster - you need charges to use. Config max. sharpening at the Olympics. If enchant> values, then the stats are reset. Added icons for all items (xml). Fixed encoding for Russian configs. Brought back the shift + click for administrators and players. (for players there is an option to disable). Fixed issues with NPCs in orc and dwarf villages (were not tied to castles). New config LvlFreeTeleport (the level to which teleportation is free). Correction for summons (now after killing, they are returned back to the owner). #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.8: #--------------------- 1) according to PTS, the soulshots of pets should turn on (we wrote a message that there was no servant). 2) Fixed a problem with samons (no longer fit into the owner). 3) Added functionality aggr_info (for the player). (shift + click). 4) Fixed configs a bit (bugs removed). 5) Added GM exception to check for captcha (for bots). (on request). 6) In the water, when the character sits on the trade, hp did not decrease (appeared after the last trade fix). 7) Corrections for displaying% drop, some values were incorrectly displayed earlier. 😎 New config: Multiplier for items drop with GrandBoss (on request). 9) Fixed a problem with Epics, now, for example, in the AK zone, mobs just don't throw a curse on players> lvl 8 from them, now they need to be attacked. 10) Fixed free teleports by lvl (previously only the price disappeared). 11) Rollback of changes by mmocore. 12) If in the NO_LANDING zone (for example TOI), re-enter the game, the character should appear in the city (by PTS). 13) Fixed Frintezza (previously knocked out an error when spawning). 14) The player has the opportunity to make a TP from the epic RB zone (for example, buy) (according to PTS). 15) Do not restore the effects after returning to the sub class (according to PTS, earlier buffs were returned when they returned to the old sub). 16) Do not impose on the GM character - Death Penalty (on request). 17) Config: Allow teleport to the RB zone? (if you do global gk and tp). 18) Config: Auto learning skills up to a certain level. (only works if AutoLearnSkills is enabled). (on request). 19) Fixed problem with .menu (parameters were not displayed correctly). 20) Fixes for frinteza (skill call error) #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 2.9: #--------------------- 1) Place the EN folder in the config right after compilation. 2) .menu adjustments (disable unnecessary functions by default). 3) Removed the TUTORIAL_GUIDE award - sometimes it happened that it gave out 2-3 books. 4) Added new configs: CnameTemplate, TitleTemplate, PetNameTemplate. (for the possibility of implementing Russian nicknames, etc.). 5) Added a new Dual Box config (ban on PvP with 1 IP, participate in the Olympiad, PK, 2 windows). 6) Fixed a problem with the cast (the cast was lower than what it should be). 7) Fixed a problem with groups of mobs (earlier, when killing the main mob, minions disappeared). 😎 Fixed a problem with groups of mobs (previously, when killing a mob with 1 hit (magic), the rest of the mobs did not aggro). 9) Added missing spoil Death Flyer. 10) Added missing mob Gigantic Flyer. 11) Setting up configs (disable unnecessary by default). 12) Added missing statues for the quest The Other Side of Truth. 13) Fixed problem with Farm (TamedBeast) - (food was wasted by itself). 14) Aggr button for a regular player (in shift click). 15) Fixed NPCs hanging in the air (Orc and Elven Village). 16) Fixed lvl 4 clan (previously it was impossible to interact with the statue). 17) Chat filter. 18) Fixed that after buying things from an offline trader (when he had already left the game), when trying to log in to him, it was written that the account was in use. 19) Correction of Hate in RB to normal values. (previously there was a strange multiplication from magic). 20) With the .menu parameter disabled (stopping experience), when the character dies, the experience now goes away. 21) Minor code correction. 22) Fixed 2 flying NPCs (in the air). 23) Reworking of some skills with the UNLOCK type (work on PTS). 24) Fixed NPE error for epic bosses. 25) Fix the siege of the enemy clan, you can attack without holding down ctrl. 26) Fix the siege after capturing the castle, do not show the HP doors. 27) Fixed package RelationChanged. 28) Fixed domes (previously allies (clan, alliance, party) were buffed). Also after installing the dome (Day of Doom the character was flagged). 29) Fixed NPE calculatePath error. #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 3.0: #--------------------- - Fixed mobs on dino - now they can be maneuvered. (by PTS). - Fixed spawnlist redesigned Imperial Tomb. (by PTS). - Fixed spawnlist added Devil's Pass night mobs. (by PTS). - Fixed SevenSigns, or rather spawn mobs. (earlier it spawned on the contrary, if the light won, then there were light mobs). - Added missed THE_SEED_HAS_BEEN_SOWN message for manor seeds. (by PTS). - Fixed an issue with Lilith (second boss) not letting the winning side go. - Added skipped manor to stakato nest. - Fixed a problem with AREA skills (for example Sleeping Cloud, through CTRL it was possible to throw at non-flagged players and clans). - Removed a fix from version 2.9, which broke the behavior of the player at the Olympics (you could not use SELF buffs). - Fixed issue https://acis.i-live.eu/bugs-report/summon-cp-potion/ - Fixed issue https://acis.i-live.eu/bugs-report/wyvern-summon/ - Fixed problem https://acis.i-live.eu/bugs-report/selected-target-behavior/ - Fixed problem https://rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/duehl.81/ - Fixed problem https: / /rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/kolizej.85/ - Fixed problem https://rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/pri-tp-otmenjajutsja-aury.84/ - Fixed problemhttps://rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/aura-of-hate-aggression-in-pvp.86/ - Fixed problem https://rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/ne-pravilno-rabotaet -gehenna.79 / - Fixed problem https://rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/zombi-oxranniki-na-vxode-v-pagan.76/ - Fixed the problem of respawning of all RBs. (minutes are also taken into account, now only hours). - Fixed epic respawn problem. (minutes are also taken into account, now only hours). - Fixed strider movement speed. (previously cut less than the base one). - Fixed templates for names (default). - SummonFriend must teleport characters to the point (by PTS). - Removed double spawn from catacombs (Forbidden Path). - Fixed 0c respawn for group mobs on the 2nd floor in MOS. - Update aCis 399. - Fixed problem with duplicate manor. (error in the GDD lock). - Added donate manager. #--------------------- # Correções Rev. 3.1: #--------------------- - If you die in the arena (we stand in the arena, not in the city). (by PTS). - We prohibit buffing and healing in the enemy arena (only through ctrl via PTS). - Fixed the problem of the appearance of minions in group mobs (if you kill them, they no longer appear until you kill the leader). - Fixed problem with 2 inscriptions at Donat manager. - Fixed NPE errors aggr_info. - Added a config for disabling messages from dooms (there were many complaints that they were flooding). - Fixed a problem with the sticking of the target at the administrator when the player is summoned (now clears the target on the call). - Fixes for Donat shop, now retains the color of nickname and title after relog. - Config Limit sharpening for the Olympiad - disabled by default. - Fixed the ability to change the nickname of the donate manager by 1 character (previously it was 3). - Implemented functions for the castle (TP, buff). - https://rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/funkcii-zamka.91/ - PTS software a player who is cursed with RB (Raid Curse) can use TP and res. - https://rusacis.pp.ua/support-tickets/zapret-na-ispolzovanie-svitkov-soe-pri-debafe-rejd-kurs.75/ - Small adjustments to the respawn of RB and Epics. (Earlier RB could miss its respawn, now it spawns properly). - Fixed AI frinteses, previously the player received invulnerability before relog, now this is not. - Fixed the chance to break the SA. - Fixed file full_install.sql - Thanks aslan. - Mana Potion banks now restore 1500 MP (by TCP). - Fixed the Sweeper skill, there was no animation earlier (the character was just standing). - The sharpening system has been reworked, now it is possible to specify the chance yourself. - Fixed issue with Ant Queen Nurse (not healing AK). - Fixed geo-movement (we fix the load on the CPU by 100% (due to mobs or NPCs that are stuck)). - Fixed nipple problem (after update from aCis). - Fixed problem with element damage (after update from aCis). - Fix many small bugs. - Basically, the emphasis was on correcting errors, some I did not write in the fix list (there is no point).  
      Considerações: O projeto funciona somente com Java JDK 14
      Link GeoData L2J
      Link Geodata L2OFF
      Se for iniciar com a geodata L2OFF, você precisará excluir vários quadrados no arquivo "geoengine.properties". O gameserver mostrará o que está faltando.
    • By Ivan Pires
      O sistema ICPNetworks V3 não é somente um site, ele é um painel administrativo onde tudo é gerenciado através dele.
      Nesse novo sistema, vocês encontrarão uma variedade imensa de funções. Entre elas está a mais cobiçada, a entrega automática de doações! (APIs atualizadas!!)
      O sistema conta com 4 formas de pagamentos, sendo 3 delas automáticas:
      Depósito/transferencia para sua conta bancária (Entrega manual) PagSeguro (PIX incluído e entrega automática) MercadoPago (PIX incluído e entrega automática) PayPal (Entrega automática) Outra ferramenta muito interessante é o sistema de templates, com ele você pode rodar qualquer site de lineage 2 dentro do sistema ICPNetworks V3. Você se lembra daquele site antiiiiigo que você sempre quis recolocar online e ele está com a programação desatualizada/insegura? Agora você pode colocar ele online novamente com o sistema ICPNetworks V3! Alem disso, qualquer pessoa poderá adicionar ou editar qualquer template de forma simples e fácil, sabendo apenas o basico de HTML, CSS e JavaScript. VOCÊ NÃO PRECISA SABER PROGRAMAÇÂO!!!
      O sistema foi criado para ser compatível com a grande maioria dos servidores de lineage 2 da atualidade.
      O sistema foi testado nas seguintes crônicas e projetos:
      Interlude: Frozen aCis (versão nova e antiga) Mobius Dream V2 (Precisa criar a coluna accesslevel na tabela characters, com default = '0') Lucera L2OFF AdvExt64 Classic: L2-scripts (Versão Antharas precisa de mais testes) L2jOrg Mobius Lucera Gracia Final: L2jServer High Five: L2-scripts Revolt-Team (Versão do Alex (CCCP)) L2jPS Sunrise   Tutoriais
      Requisitos para usar o sistema:
      Java (L2j): MySQL MariaDB 10+ PHP 7.4.19+ (com o Driver PDO MySQL instalado) C++ (L2OFF): SQL Server 2012+ PHP 7.4.19+ (com o Driver PDO Sql Serv instalado) Download

      Senha: ByIvanPires
      Antes de tudo, eu gostaria de agradecer ao fórum L2jBrasil e os administradores @Kelvin e @Grundor pelo carinho de ter criado uma área exclusiva só para os conteúdos da ICPNetworks, fiquei muito feliz e lisonjeado. 💗
      Agradeço a todos que ajudaram de todas as formas para que esse projeto pudesse ser concluído.
      Agradeço também a L2jCenter por sempre estar patrocinando os meus projetos.
      Os templates disponibilizados nesse sistema são de autoria dos meus grandes amigos e parceiros @HugoFelipe, @lucasdanilo e meus.
      Não vou nomear todo mundo para não correr o risco de esquecer o nome de ninguém. Mas agradeço a todos de coração! Sem a colaboração de todos, não teríamos chegado até aqui.
      Um forte abraço a todos os membros da L2jBrasil e até a próxima!

    • By Haber
      START: 04.04.2021
      WEBSITE: https://top.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?a=in&u=l2temida
      I would like to invite everyone to play together on the L2Temida server. The server uses English, so we are open to players from all over the world.
      We have many years of experience related to the game Lineage 2 Interlude, which we dedicate to the server, where you will spend your free time pleasently. We listen to each individual, we consider each proposal, we try to fix all errors related to the game immediately after the notification. We are a young team that strives to make the game give you a lot of joy and let us fulfill ourselves in realizing the goals we have set ourselves.
      Video promoting server L2Temida:
      Experience (EXP) - 8x
      Skill Points (SP) - 8x
      Adena - 6x
      Drop Items - 8x
      Spoil - 9x
      Weight Limit - 3x
      Drop Quest - 6x
      The best protection against Bots (The best servers use it !!)
      Skills, Classes, Drop and Spawn System - PTS !
      Temida Shop is avaible where we can buy Soulshots, mana potions and many other interesting things. We’ll find Mammon there too.
      Buffer (for players and pets) - Yes
      Maximum Buffs Slots - 26 + 4
      Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 1 hours
      Olympiads Max Enchant - 10
      Sub-Class Quest - Not
      Class Master - Yes (in Giran)
      Offline mode Shop - Yes (.offline)
      Auto Learn Skills - Yes
      Champions System - Yes
      Wedding System - Yes
      Global Gatekeeper - Yes
      Scrools, Life Stones, Divine Books and Giants Codex is Stackable.
      Weight Limit - x3
      LvL Differences in Party - 19
      LvL Differences in RB - 8
      Regen HP, P Def., M Def. and Attack increased on RB x2
      Full C-Grade in Luxury Shop
      Full B-Grade in B Grade Master (Giran)
      Working siege Clan Hall (Fortress of Resistance, Bandit Stronghold, Devastated Castle, Wild Beast Reserve, Rainbow Springs Chateau and Fortress of the Dead).
      1 Box are allowed ( Main + 1 Box ).
      New Player Bonus: Each new player gets Rune of Experience Points 30% and Rune of SP 30% for 5h.
      Coin’s of Luck is the additional currency in game. They can be obtained through Voting and Donation.
      Book and Amulets drop has been blocked.
      Greater CP Potion, CP Potion and Quick HP has 2 sec reuse.
      All commands available here: (.help)
      All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.
      Safe Enchant - 3
      Max Enchant - 16
      Normal Scroll chance - 60%
      Blessed Scroll chance - 60% and not crystallizes
      Achievements System.
      Rune System.
      Special RB - Granit.
      Special Mob - Dragonfly.
      Radio in Client.
      Map: CT, FOG, IT, MOS, Catacombs, Necropolis, Devil Isle, Ant Nest.
      Anti Lag System - It improves performance especially on weak computers.
      Custom Interface.
      TvT - 11:00, 18:00, 21:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 20 FA, 40 CoL. Top reward list - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
      CtF - 11:00, 18:00, 21:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 40 CoL, High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
      DM -  11:00, 18:00, 21:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 40 CoL, High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
      TvT, CtF, DM are interchangeable
      Event Finder - 17:00, 22:00, lvl: 76+, Reward: 200 FA
      Collect Medals and Glittering Medals.
      Kamaloka by L2Temida
      More information can be found on our Forum or Website
      Join Today !
    • By BergXD
      Bom dia
      Uso a rev 365 aCis ,
      estou com um problema para transformar um armor grp em skin.
      possuo este código da skin red zaken, e gostaria de substituí-lo por skin anakim o pproblema é que a skin anakin possui apenas 1 codigo no grp e o zaken possui 5 codigos. 
      a pergunta é como faço para unificar os 5 codgidos do armorgrp do zaken para ficar em 1 só?
      ex: skin anakin 
      ID 1  450020
      ex zaken
      ID 1 200002
      ID 1 200003
      ID 1 200004
      ID 1 200005
      ID 1 200006
      Queria juntar todas as partes para ficar em apenas 1 ID para substituí-lo pela skin anakim
    • By mikado
      Este tópico está sendo atualizando no post abaixo:
      Buenas amigos , hoy les estoy compartiendo algo que empezó como una idea y he logrado materializar acerca de una nueva forma de poder jugar Interlude... un experimento.
      que es esto que estoy compartiendo ? , bueno vamos a dividirlo en dos partes :
      1) el cliente que les dejo en el enlace , es el cliente Interlude con la particularidad que utilizaremos otro protocolo de comunicación el 216 que nos permitirá poder visualizar otras cosas que antes no podíamos ver porque su System original no nos lo permitía , además le he tenido que hacer un upgrade de algunas texturas y animaciones que nos permitirán visualizar items cosmeticos, mascotas , capas, transformaciones....demás. El  Cliente con estos upgrades pesa 3.41 GB .
      2) los archivos del Datapack son originalmente Freya y hay que hacer ajustes aún para llevarlo a Interlude , pero bueno ya tenemos algunas cosas como spawn de mobs y algunas cosas más , aparte de que podríamos utilizar lo que ya está implementado , todas las Fortress, Territory Wars , Seven Signs y otras coasas .
      Acá les dejo un breve video de como se ve esto :
      Datapack :  
      CLiente Interlude upgrade :
      PD: me olvidé de mencionar que podemos utilizar cualquier source que queramos con este cliente simplemente adaptando los protcolos de comunicacion al 216 - si te interesa aqui tienes todos los protocolos : http://netpro.revengineer.eu/protocols/ , por ejemplo adaptar acis o l2jfrozen o cualquier otro o como en este caso hacer un downgrade de crónica . :-X

      bueno espero que les guste , ya si voy haciendo algún avance en esto lo iré publicando aquí
      Un saludo.
    • By joniredbullgr
      Hello there mates is my first share to this community and i deside to share my private files. Lot of retail Raids & Grand Boss system 100% worck. balanced like 90% game pvp tested on live server. Lot of unique mods . for the surces of my pack , at the moment isn't aviable reason i have them on my main Pc but is located on grecce , so when i go back i gona share them with our community. have fun with those files. 🙂 Server Files: DOWNLOAD Server Backup: DOWNLOAD Server System: DOWNLOAD  
      In order to rune the server! you need java  java version "1.8.0_271" Maria DB. Naviqat Premium 15. Server Information
      Dressme System - Unique system of costumes, which does not work with armor, but it looks like a wardrobe in your character and does not give any status or bonus, it is only a visual issue, with which you will beautify your character, marking a difference. AntiBot Farm System (perzonalized system, which is focused on playing with only one account per player, and minimizing the use of bot systems.) All configurations and functions that were not reported here are retail, that is, equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant. New Geo-Engine - System that improved to almost perfect levels the Geodata (with which they will be able to enjoy and farm without problems, improving the follow of the players, They will not be able to dive the raid boos with obstacles, avoiding the bug of mobs in walls when farming in bulk) for more information access L2-BD Game. New Respawn Mobs System - System that after 5 min, if the mobs are in passive mode they will be sent to their respawn so managing to prevent them from locking them in certain places for more information access L2-BD Game. Farm Information you can easy take full gear on server Make mages and you can farm Solo Raid's & Grand Boss. Note's that for Teleportation On Grand Boss areas , you need to have at least 1 memmber in party, lot of good drops are placed on Raids & Grand Bosess!! SPECIAL SERVER FATURES
      Maximilian all subclass for free
      Clan lvl 8 full clan skills lvl 1' free in maximilian Npc
      All Grand boss fuxional and unique like retail mode.
      Full Npc's In Giran Town.
      .dressme / Fake Armors & Weapons.
      .pincode / Make Better Sequrrity for your account.
      .repair / Unstuck your character.
      .stats / Chek your rivals stats.
      RAID BOSS ( Sailren ) Party Winner's Take Hero Aura Until Restart.
      TVT EVENT. * Top Ls *  & * Noblesse gate pass*
      CLAN WAR EVENT. *  Clan Reputation * & * Noblesse gate pass*
      LAST MAN. * Hero Avra * & * Noblesse gate pass*
      SPECIAL TIAT BOSS  / Auto Spawn gate In Town Of Giran.
      🌟• x1500|•x1500 |• x1500 |• Xp/Sp x2.
      🌟• Enchant - Simple 70% | Blessed 85% | Crystal 90% | Safe +6 | Max W+16 | Max A&J +12.
      🌟• Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16).
      🌟• Unique features:
      🌟• Castle sieges every week.
      🌟• Unique pvp flag areas with reward.
      🌟• More then 10 active raid bosses.
      🌟• Wedding system.
      🌟• Unique farming areas.
      🌟• Npc skill enchanter.
      🌟• Shops till top S grade.
      🌟• Full npc buffer with auto buff.
      🌟• Max count of buffs - 60.
      🌟• Max subclasses - 4.
      🌟• Free and no quest class change.
      🌟• Free and no quest sub class.
      🌟• Nobless from raid boss barakiel.
      🌟• No weight limit.
      🌟• No grade limit.
      🌟• Quake pvp system.
      🌟• Online password change.
      🌟• Top 10 pvp/pk npc in game.
      🌟• Augmentation system 50% (preconfigured).
      🌟• Interlude retail skills.
      🌟• Server up-time [24/7] [99]%.
      🌟• Titanium Armor Dynasty Armor
      🌟• Gold Weapons & Lendaria Weapons & Dynasty Weapons.
      🌟• Cloaks & Epic Mask.
      🌟• Perfect class balance.
      🌟• Description: Last-MAN Hero Standing Event is a free-for-all Event.
      🌟• It's a fight involving many combatants/characters with your only goal to survive as long as you can.
      🌟• Last player that stays alive on the battlefield is winning.
      🌟• Players are transformed to prevent helping friends.
      🌟• EventByTimeOfDay / 11:00 || 14:00 || 17:00 || 23:00 || hours.!
      🌟• Description: In Team vs Team Event all participating members are divided in two sides (Red - Blue).
      🌟• And the only goal is to kill as many players you can from the enemy side.
      🌟• Each kill brings score to your Team. Respawn takes 5 seconds.
      🌟• EventByTimeOfDay / 6:00 || 8:00 || 19:00 || 21:00 || hours.!
      🌟• Description: FARM EVENT Is auto mobs farm place on Primeval Isle.
      🌟• The event take places every 40/Minute's.
      🌟• You can go at Primeval by Gate Kepeer placed in Giran Town, you need to know that is dangerus area.
      🌟• There is no protection for newbies.
      🌟• EventByTimeOfDay / Auto system Every 40|| minutes.!
      🌟• CLAN-WAR Is for Powerfull clan Leaders Event.
      🌟• It's a fight involving many Clan Leaders combatants/characters with your only goal to survive as long as you can.
      🌟• Last Clan Leader that stays alive on the battlefield is winning.
      🌟• Only Clan Leaders can participate on ClanWar event.
      🌟• EventByTimeOfDay / 9:00 || 12:00 || 15:00 || 18:00 || 20:00 || hours.!
      🌟• RAID BOSS Event is a free-for-all Event.
      🌟• It's a fight involving many combatants/characters with your only goal to survive as long as you can.
      🌟• Last player that stays alive on the battlefield is winning.
      🌟• Event Duartion: 20 Minutes.
      🌟• Notes: that you hit the raid boss you auto get blue avra & flag color.
      🌟• EventByTimeOfDay / 10:00 || 13:00 || 16:00 || 24:00 || hours.!
      🌟• Unique System Olympiad.
      🌟• Hero name is Announced on Global Chat.
      🌟• Giran Castle: Work 100% Siege every week.
      🌟• Aden Castle: Work 100% Siege every week.
      🌟• Goddard Castle: Work 100% Siege every week.
      🌟• Rune Castle: Work 100% Siege every week.
      🌟• Dion Castle: Work 100% Siege every week.
      🌟• Gludio Castle: Work 100% Siege every week.
      🌟• Schuttgart Castle: Work 100% Siege every week.
      🌟• Clan Hall / Fuctional Retail mode work 100%.
    • By wesleycanes
      Fala galera l2jBrasil beleza Wesleycanes na área
      Venho fazer Minha Primeira contribuição para o fórum venho trazer esse projeto que vinha trabalhando há muito tempo mas infelizmente não tive sucesso
      Todas as informações contém no vídeo logo aí abaixo Desculpa pela qualidada do Video Nao foi culpa minha foi do youtube Bosta
      Nao liga pela minha locura ta kkk
      By Wesley Santos By WesleyCanes By L2jbrasil
    • By Inquisidor
      Olá pessoal venho aqui apresentar o L2JHasher um pacote para usar de forma nativa a autenticação do Laravel 8 com o l2j.
      PHP 7.4+
      Laravel 8.x
      VSCode - IDE para programar
      CMDER - Prompt de comando
      Não irei ensinar como instalar o PHP, Composer e o Laravel, o tutorial vai ser focado no uso do L2JHasher
      Primeiro vamos criar um novo projeto Laravel com Jetstream
      laravel new l2j --jet
      Gosto de usar o livewire
      Recomendo um curso gratuito de livewire: CURSO INTRODUÇÃO AO LARAVEL LIVEWIRE

      Não precisa escolher use teams.
      Assim que terminar a instalação vamos rodar o comando do NodeJS para instalar os módulos necessários para o front end.
      Entre dentro da pasta do projeto, acabei renomeando de l2jsite para l2j depois que criei o projeto pois o l2j fez mais sentido esse nome para mim.
      cd l2j npm install && npm run dev

      Após a finalização já temos o projeto criado e o front end do jetstream
      Vamos agora instalar a L2JHasher
      Projeto no GitHub
      composer require renan-s-oliveira/l2j-hasher
      Vá em config/app.php
      Comentar Illuminate\Hashing\HashServiceProvider::class e adicionar L2JHasher\ServiceProvider\L2JHashServiceProvider::class,

      Vá em config/fortify.php

      Agora vá até a Model User em app/Models e adicione
      protected $table = 'accounts'; public $timestamps = false; protected $primaryKey = 'login';
      E adicione em $fillable login

      Configure o arquivo .env com os dados do seu banco de dados já instalado com as tabelas do l2j

      Em app/Actions/Fortify.php
      Adicione em Validator
      'login' => ['required', 'string', 'max:255'],
      e em return
      'login' => $input['login'],

      Vamos agora configurar o registro e login no front
      Em resource/views/auth no arquivo register.blade.php
      <div> <x-jet-label for="login" value="{{ __('Login') }}" /> <x-jet-input id="login" class="block mt-1 w-full" type="text" name="login" :value="old('login')" required autofocus autocomplete="login" /> </div>
      Em resource/views/auth no arquivo login.blade.php
      Subistituir o email
                      <x-jet-label for="email" value="{{ __('Email') }}" />
                      <x-jet-input id="email" class="block mt-1 w-full" type="email" name="email" :value="old('email')" required autofocus />
      Por Login 
      <div> <x-jet-label for="login" value="{{ __('Login') }}" /> <x-jet-input id="login" class="block mt-1 w-full" type="login" name="login" :value="old('login')" required autofocus /> </div>
      php artisan serve para iniciar o servidor.

      Acessa a rota http://localhost:8000

      Preencha seus dados e clica em register

      Pronta conta criada e já pode acessar o sistema

      Espero que gostem e comecem a usar de vez o Laravel 😄

    • By Ivan Pires
      ICPNetworks V2
      Pessoal, finalmente venho disponibilizar pra vocês o que eu prometi a mais de 7 anos atras. [Desenvolvimento inicial] - [Desenvolvimento final]
      Demorou, mas ficou pronto e a promessa foi cumprida!
      Antes de tudo quero ressaltar que nãos sou PROGRAMADOR, eu sou DENTISTA e meu hobby é programar.
      O site ainda não ficou do jeito que eu queria, mas resolvi postar assim mesmo pra não demorar ainda mais para finalizar. Aos poucos eu vou fazendo atualizações. O layout não está do jeito que eu queria, mas está aceitável, faltou um designer para me ajudar nesse projeto. Eu queria fazer um painel admin mais completo e um sistema de instalação igual ao do votesystem, mas vai ficar para as atualizações.
      A unica coisa importante na minha opinião que ficou faltando no site é o sistema de SEO(indexação de buscadores), mas da pra usar o site tranquilo, isso também vai ficar para as atualizações.
      O site é simples, porem complexo. Ele tem MUITAS funções, não vou explicar agora todas as funções pois quero descansar, o desenvolvimento foi muito cansativo. Posto mais informações aqui depois sobre as funcionalidades do site.
      Funciona em ambas plataformas MySQL e SQL Server.
      Segue abaixo os bancos de dados testados:
      O site foi desenvolvido utilizando as linguagens: html, css, javascript, jQuery, Ajax e PHP.
      Testado nos bancos de dados MariaDB(MySQL) e SQL Server 2012.
      Site desenvolvido usando o navegador Google Chrome, porem pelo que verifiquei funciona bem nos outros navegadores também.
      Para o site funcionar basta você ter uma hospedagem com PHP 7 ou superior que suporte o PDO para MySQL ou PDO para SQL Server.
      Segue o link para teste online: http://www.icpfree.com.br
      Abra o arquivo "config/global_configuration.php" e edite conforme as suas necessidades. Ex:
      $db_ip = ""; # IP do banco de dados $db_name = "l2jbrasil"; # Nome do banco de dados (Para L2OFF coloque: "lin2world") $db_user = "DB_USER"; # Usuario do banco de dados $db_pass = "SUA_SENHA"; # Senha do banco de dados $db_data = "l2j"; # Coloque: "L2j" para conexão MySQL ou "L2OFF" para conexão SQL SERVER. $cached_port = 2012; # Uso para L2OFF, não mexer! Default: 2012 $L2jVersaoRussa = false; # Coloque: "true" caso esteja usando uma versão l2j russa (Ex:L2CCCP,L2Scripts) $L2jVersaoClassic = false; # Coloque: "true" caso esteja usando uma versão l2j Classic (Ex:Kamael, Dawn of heroes) $L2jVersaoAcis = false; # Coloque: "true" caso esteja usando uma versão l2j baseada no projeto aCis Configure as linhas abaixo conforme as suas necessidades.
      Junto com o arquivo de download vão as SQL para serem executadas no seu banco de dados.
      Para L2j execute o SQL: "SQL_ICPNetworks_V2_L2j.sql"
      Para L2OFF execute o SQL: "SQL_ICPNetworks_V2_L2OFF_L2DB.sql" no banco "lin2db" e o SQL: "SQL_ICPNetworks_V2_L2OFF_L2WORLD.sql" no banco "lin2world"
      Tutoriais do site
      Configurando a entrega automática de doações:
      Desde já quero agradecer a todos os que apoiaram o projeto e não me deixaram desistir e um agradecimento em especial ao meu amigo @Kelvin por ter patrocinado o projeto.
      A senha para descompactar o arquivo é: "KelvitoLindo"
      DICA: Ganhe 30% de desconto no primeiro mês em qualquer plano de hospedagem VPS ou EPIC Host L2JCenter para hospedar este site usando o cupom: MEDEPAPAI. Válido para novos membros.

      Qualquer dúvida postem aqui.
      Obrigado a todos.
    • By wesleycanes
      Alô galera da l2jBrasil venho através deste vídeo alertar a todos os membros da L2jBrasil
  • Posts

Simple and Modern web


Recommended Posts

Pagina de Lineage 2 para aCis.

Esta pagina esta dedicada para servidores L2j basados en el pack 'aCis'.

Características base
- Sistema de 'Single Page' basado en javascript.
- Ranking pvp, pk.
- Estado del server.
- Estado castillos.
- Registro de cuentas a la ultima versión de aCis.
- Noticias
- Eventos
- Descargas
- Características del servidor

Repositorio: https://github.com/fissban/Lineage2_web_modern

Edited by fissban
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Achei o design simples porém elegante, ele da um ar de transparência e clean.

Parabéns pelo share! 

Servidor High Five Custom PvP


High Five 1000x - Tournament, Dressme full, Olympiad, Balance System, Dinamic PvP, Talisman, Bracelete, Sistemas Goddes of Destruction

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hace 11 horas, SkyDoidao dijo:

Respeito opiniões, mas "eu" não usaria em um server!



Even so, this page is under development and as I already mentioned ... I will continue to implement more.

Right now I implemented a system to see the respawn time of the bosses and grandboss as well as a panel to see their drops and skills.

Other systems that I plan to implement are:
- System to be able to put it in the language that you like the most.
- System of sale / purchase of items between users.
- Others.

If they have ideas of things to implement they can be analyzed.

I am a Java and web developer.


This is the current design of the web


Edited by fissban
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En 7/12/2020 a las 11:42, fissban dijo:

Pagina de Lineage 2 para aCis.


Buen trabajo @fissban muy buen aporte!

Personal Project : da uma olhada nas novas Memorias RAM 2021 para pc, servidores e notebook - DDR3, DDR4 e o lançamento da DDR5 aqi  https://www.memoriasram.site

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Em 22/12/2020 at 20:58, fissban disse:

Add 'auction items'



Rapaz do ceu Tinha visto quando postou achei elegante por está, fazendo tudo sosinho e no conforte de sua Casa
Esse novidade do "Auction Itens Make" Fico exelente, como não tinha WebSites Free com esse sistema tivemos que fazer ele em Java agora podemos ultilizar dentro do Jogo e Site.

meus parabéns você e um cara de responça !


Mensagens Pedindo Ajuda serão ignoradas
Caixa de PM não e central de Duvidas ou Pedidos

Meu Pastebin

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hace 59 minutos, BAN - L2JDev dijo:

Rapaz do ceu Tinha visto quando postou achei elegante por está, fazendo tudo sosinho e no conforte de sua Casa
Esse novidade do "Auction Itens Make" Fico exelente, como não tinha WebSites Free com esse sistema tivemos que fazer ele em Java agora podemos ultilizar dentro do Jogo e Site.

meus parabéns você e um cara de responça !

Se você quiser que eu adicione algo mais à web, pode me informar por este meio

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3 horas atrás, fissban disse:

Se você quiser que eu adicione algo mais à web, pode me informar por este meio

Eu ultilizo uma das Versão aCis bem mais antiga, sera que dar pra escolher uma das linguagem na hora de criar a conta?
Aparentemente quero adicionar esse WebSite ao L2JDev do forum e Interlude. e a base erra aCis com java8
Precisar de alguma informação da crypt basta olhar na sourcer ou me pedir alguma imformação.
Grato 😄


Mensagens Pedindo Ajuda serão ignoradas
Caixa de PM não e central de Duvidas ou Pedidos

Meu Pastebin

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57 minutos atrás, fissban disse:

Diga-me qual versão você usa e eu verifico se alterações são necessárias no código

Compilede 11/01/2021 + PatchFilles


Sourcer Acompanha essa Atualização



Mensagens Pedindo Ajuda serão ignoradas
Caixa de PM não e central de Duvidas ou Pedidos

Meu Pastebin

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