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etc_ertheia_astatine.png Server Chronicle: [EP1.0] Ertheia: Dimensional Strangers
skill11361.png Server Platform: Retail like PTS server files
skill51272.png Server Rates: Up to 6x (Dynamic rate)
skill11351.png Antibot System: Dynamic antibot system running on client and server
skill11759.png Multilanguage Client: Our server supports English and Russian version of client
skill11524.png NPC Buffs: are available in every town (Buffs are Melody/Sonata/Harmony level 1 for 60 minutes and for 1-99 levels)
weapon_sword_of_miracle_i01.png D/C/B/A/S Equipment: is available in every town on Adventurer's Guide for Steel Door Coin (reward from story quests) or in Weapon/Armory/Luxory shop
weapon_grabathus_i01.png R-Grade Equipment: After reaching 85 you may trade your mentee certificate for R-Grade - Requiem / Immortal Equipment!
skill11543.png Vote Reward: Ingame rewards for voting on toplists
skill30400.png Ability System: Choose your path and give your character bonus abilities based on your choice
skill10251.png Olympiad / Ceremony of Chaos are running with monthly cycle
skill30028.png Party Macthing / Clan Entry System: Searching for party or clan is easier on our server
skill11003.png Path to Awakening: rewards for leveling are enabled
skill1313.png Automatic Fishing enabled for everyone to get some free XP/SP
skill19539.png Mentoring System: Receive XP boost for leveling for mentoring or being mentee
skill16624.png Museum Statistics: Ingame statistics of players are available in Town of Aden from NPC Arwen
skill4270_1.png Auto-loot enabled for everyone (Raid Bosses still drop their loot on the ground)
skill0248.png Offline Shop enabled for everyone in Town of Aden square
skill10024.png Auction House: Buy or Sell your items through Auction House
skill1805.png Beauty Shop: Make your character with unique visual style
etc_quest_account_reward_i00.png Retail-like class transfer quests - it won't take more than few minutes
skill6369_3.png Maximum Clients per computer: 3
skill1623.png Maximum number of members in a party: 7
More informations about server can be found on our website.



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