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  1. L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel)

    The system now also supports L2OFF! You can configure it like this: L2OFF Configuration Install L2OFF server database Run L2OFF_L2ACP.SQL script to modify lin2world and lin2db database Change appsettings.json: ** Set TargetServerType to "L2OFF" ** Set PasswordHashType to "Default" if using default password hashing or "MD5" if using hAuthD's MD5 hashing ** Set appropriate connection strings for the lin2world and lin2db databases In server's ilExt.ini set "[PrivateStore] StoreInDB=1" for private stores and "[ItemDelivery] Enabled=1" for item delivery
  2. L2RClan Finder

    Hahaha nice! I will be adding recruitment at some point
  3. L2RClan Finder

    I made a web app which allows you to looks for clans. Things like recruitment are planned to be added. Link:
  4. L2JBrasil 3.0 Oficial

    You can always use Redis to act as a centralised cache service. Essentially all those Singletons will stop being singletons and they will start being data access layers to the Redis cache. That way, many instances of the service can use the same data. Could work. I'm more than happy to give you a hand if I see this going in an interesting direction.
  5. L2JBrasil 3.0 Oficial

    Then you have to go from monolith to microservices. The problem is that l2j is so tightly coupled that you can't loosen it up easily. I have done an implementation of acis using mongo instead of mysql and the performance is not so much faster.
  6. L2JBrasil 3.0 Oficial

    Well i use LegalTLDR in general and it says "Since web sites and services are never distributed in the traditional sense, the AGPL is the GPL of the web." Source: It doesn't really matter though as the L2 community is known to ignore licenses. The license itself it made to force people to share any improvements they did in the software back to the original owner of the project. This is how L2jserver always was. Ofc this never happened because people just got the files and implemented them for their private servers. Every license there is basically covers the creator legally from liability. In my opinion the MIT license is the best for such things because it protects the owner but also lets the users do whatever they want with the source. About the db stuff mentioned, technically the whole thing could go in a nosql db because l2j has absolutely no (or minimal) relationships between the tables.
  7. L2JBrasil 3.0 Oficial

    Interesting. Let's see what you can do. Good luck guys! Btw the license is wrong. AGLPv3 is for websites. You probably wanted to license it under GPLv3 (which is what l2j was all along)
  8. L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel)

    There is a how to install section on github for both projects. If you follow it, (and google a bit) you will be fine. Many people from this forum have done it.
  9. L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel)

    Yeah l2jbrasil is a superior and friendlier community by far. Moments like this i wish i could speak Portuguese.
  10. L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel)

    What seems to be the problem?
  11. L2Dot Net Interlude Project

    Thanks for the interest. I really appreciate it. Make sure you use the exact same coding style if you want to contribute.
  12. L2Dot Net Interlude Project

    Thanks for your feedback everyone. I've been working on the project for a while now and i add features when i have free time but it would be nice if more people tried it. If you have and questions or any problems ask here or on our gitter: MartLegion (a nice Portuguese speaking guy) is one of our main contributors and he will be happy to answer any questions. There is also a "how to start" wiki page here: It is not really up to data as you have to run a sql file manually first but i will working on automating this task soon.
  13. L2Dot Net Interlude Project

    L2dotNET A server emulator for Lineage2 Interlude written in C# Github: Please star and fork the project. What is this? L2dotNET is a server emulator for L2. The files are based on some Java-like Russian files from 2008 due to the networking and encryption code included. However i ended up rewritting them anyway. Current goal is to get all the basic functionality and the packet support fully working in order to move on to accurate game features implementation. ##Progress Downgrade most of the packets to C6 Implement basic known object functionality Refactor the code for the crappy java-like structure to proper C# Refactor LoginService to use the new Packet structure Creating loading and saving players Creating loading and saving items Refactor GameService to use the new Packet structure Rework the movement alorithm Add Geodata support Can i contribute? Yes please. This is not something small. This will take a while before it is playable. If you really want to profit by using the project one day, please fork it and do as many pull requests as possible. As long as you use the coding style i am coding on, i will approve your pulls. There is plenty of things to do for any level of developer. Tradução: L2dotNET Um emulador de servidor para Lineage2 Interlude escrito em C# Github: Por favor star e fork o Projeto no GitHub. O que é isso? L2dotNET é um emulador de servidor para L2. Os arquivos são baseados em alguns arquivos russos semelhantes a Java de 2008 devido ao código de rede e criptografia incluído. No entanto, acabei reescrevendo-os em qualquer caso.O objetivo atual é obter toda a funcionalidade básica e o suporte a pacotes(packets) funcionando completamente, para avançar para a implementação precisa dos recursos do jogo. ## Progresso Downgrade a maioria dos pacotes para Interlude. (C6 não existe, sorry) Implementar funcionalidade básica de Known Object. Refatorar o código para a estrutura de java semelhante a um C # apropriado. Refatorar LoginService para usar a nova estrutura de pacotes. Criando carregamento e salvamento jogadores. Criando carregamento e salvamento de itens. Refatorar GameService para usar a nova estrutura de pacotes. Refazer o algoritmo de movimento. Adicionar suporte de Geodata. Posso contribuir? Sim por favor. Isso não é algo pequeno. Levará um tempo antes de ser jogável. Se você realmente deseja aproveitar o uso do projeto um dia, por favor Fork e faça o maior número possível de Pull Requests, enquanto você usar o estilo de codificação que estou codificando, eu aprovarei seus Pull requests, Há muitas coisas a fazer para qualquer nível de desenvolvedor.
  14. L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel)

    Did you use l2junity's jar on the ACP's build path?
  15. L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel)

    Back from holidays. Will be working on the ACP from today, adding a pretty language picker and more functionality. As i had many requests for this, here is a simple way of building L2ACP API. There was no real reason to introduce and building tool like gradle during the development of the API but it is something to consider now.